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Personnel Photo of Geoffrey Preston Morris
Geoffrey Preston Morris
Associate Professor of Crop Quantitative Genomics
Soil and Crop Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

Plant Sciences Building, Room
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    Faye, Jacques M., Maina, Fanna, Akata, Eyanawa A., Sine, Bassirou, Diatta, Cyril, Mamadou, Aissata, Marla, Sandeep, Bouchet, Sophie, Teme, Niaba, Rami, Jean-Francois, Fonceka, Daniel, Cisse, Ndiaga, Morris, Geoffrey, "A Genomics Resource for Genetics, Physiology, and Breeding of West African Sorghum" Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

    Raymundo, Rubí, Ciampitti, Ignacio A., Morris, Geoffrey, "Crop modeling defines opportunities and challenges for drought escape, water capture, and yield increase using chilling-tolerant sorghum" Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

    Pelletier, Dale A., Li, Zhou, Lu, Tse-Yuan S., Zhang, Li, Hu, Zhenbin, Morris, Geoffrey, Glavina del Rio, Tijana, Wang, Dongyu, Chen, Jin-Gui, Pan, Chongle, Genome Sequences of 42 Bacteria Isolated from Sorghum bicolor Roots Microbiology Resource Announcements 9 37

    Muleta, Kebede T., Pressoir, Gael, Morris, Geoffrey, Optimizing Genomic Selection for a Sorghum Breeding Program in Haiti: A Simulation Study G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics g3.200932.2018

    Olatoye, Marcus O., Hu, Zhenbin, Morris, Geoffrey, (2020) Genome‐wide mapping and prediction of plant architecture in a sorghum nested association mapping population The Plant Genome 13 3

    Olatoye, Marcus O., Marla, Sandeep R., Hu, Zhenbin, Bouchet, Sophie, Perumal, Ramasamy, Morris, Geoffrey, (2020) Dissecting Adaptive Traits with Nested Association Mapping: Genetic Architecture of Inflorescence Morphology in Sorghum G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics 10 5 1785-1796

    Marla, Sandeep R., Burow, Gloria, Chopra, Ratan, Hayes, Chad, Olatoye, Marcus O., Felderhoff, Terry, Hu, Zhenbin, Raymundo, Rubi, Perumal, Ramasamy, Morris, Geoffrey, (2019) Genetic Architecture of Chilling Tolerance in Sorghum Dissected with a Nested Association Mapping Population G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics 9 12 4045-4057

    Adkins, Jaron, Jastrow, Julie D., Morris, Geoffrey, de Graaff, Marie-Anne, (2019) Effects of fertilization, plant species, and intra-specific diversity on soil carbon and nitrogen in biofuel cropping systems after five growing seasons Biomass and Bioenergy 130 105393

    Faye, Jacques M., Maina, Fanna, Hu, Zhenbin, Fonceka, Daniel, Cisse, Ndiaga, Morris, Geoffrey, (2019) Genomic signatures of adaptation to Sahelian and Soudanian climates in sorghum landraces of Senegal Ecology and Evolution 9 10 6038-6051

    WANG, XU, Singh, Daljit, Marla, Sandeep, Morris, Geoffrey, Poland, Jesse, (2018) Field-based high-throughput phenotyping of plant height in sorghum using different sensing technologies Plant Methods 14 1

    Olatoye, Marcus O., Hu, Zhenbin, Maina, Fanna, Morris, Geoffrey, (2018) Genomic Signatures of Adaptation to a Precipitation Gradient in Nigerian Sorghum G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics 8 10 3269-3281

    Bouchet, Sophie, Olatoye, Marcus O, Marla, Sandeep R, Perumal, Ramasamy, Tesso, Tesfaye, Yu, Jianming, Tuinstra, Mitch, Morris, Geoffrey, (2017) Increased Power To Dissect Adaptive Traits in Global Sorghum Diversity Using a Nested Association Mapping Population Genetics 206 2 573-585

    Akata, E. A., Diatta, C., Faye, J. M., Diop, A., Maina, F., Sine, B., Tchala, W., Ndoye, I., Morris, Geoffrey, Cisse, N., (2017) Combining ability and heterotic pattern in West African sorghum landraces African Crop Science Journal 25 4 491 -- 508

    Morris, Geoffrey, Hu, Zhenbin, Grabowski, Paul P., Borevitz, Justin O., de Graaff, Marie-Anne, Miller, R. Michael, Jastrow, Julie D., (2016) Genotypic diversity effects on biomass production in native perennial bioenergy cropping systems GCB Bioenergy 8 5 1000-1014

    Upadhyaya, Hari D., Wang, Yi-Hong, Sastry, Dintyala V.S.S.R., Dwivedi, Sangam L., Prasad, P.V. Vara, Burrell, A. Millie, Klein, Robert R., Morris, Geoffrey, Klein, Patricia E., (2016) Association mapping of germinability and seedling vigor in sorghum under controlled low-temperature conditions Genome 59 2 137-145

    Adkins, Jaron, Jastrow, Julie D., Morris, Geoffrey, Six, Johan, de Graaff, Marie-Anne, (2016) Effects of switchgrass cultivars and intraspecific differences in root structure on soil carbon inputs and accumulation Geoderma 262 147-154

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