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⚠️ Information and Updates Regarding COVID-19's Impact on the College of Agricultural Sciences

A message from Dean Pritchett

Gratitude is among the gentlest and most compelling virtues that we share. Gratitude draws us together and elevates the tiniest gestures. The significance of gratitude is the way that a single act can compel us to service and enables us to live our best possible life.

I am grateful to our CSU community – students, employees, alumni, and supporters – for elevating service during a difficult and trying time. Our community is one that confidently rolls up its sleeves to meet challenges and adapt nimbly to help others in need.

In agriculture, we pioneer. We seek to explore and overcome. Our research team knows no boundaries, nor pauses. We have seen remarkable progress in the past few months towards agricultural advancements and helping our society sustain during and recover from the pandemic. A food supply task force at CSU is providing rapid-response research for COVID-19, and our faculty has been doing their part to help with relief funding in Colorado. 

This message is written in gratitude– thank you for the opportunity to serve as the Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and the Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station. Our mission is straightforward — collaboratively identifying critical needs and co-creating knowledge to address key agricultural challenges.  This requires active engagement, intentional listening, and spirited investment in the mission.

We put learning and innovation at the forefront of our mission. A new generation of agricultural influencers have recently graduated from Colorado State University, and the next class is ready to step into place. These graduates and students approach the world with a clear-eyed passion for bettering the world for others.  I am grateful to the parents who have shared their students with us, and thankful to our staff and faculty who have helped prepare them for the future. As alumni and supporters, we appreciate your investment in student success and the future of our graduates: a future to become leaders, to become agents of change and to continue our mission of service.

Great learning requires state of the art infrastructure and stewarding new ideas with scientific exploration in cutting edge facilities.  This year we broke ground on campus to expand our teaching facilities, showing our strength in partnerships, innovation, and commitment to cultivating an inclusive culture. The Nutrien Agricultural Sciences Building is currently under construction and we look forward to our grand opening in late 2021.   We will celebrate the grand opening of the Temple Grandin Equine Center in December of this year.

It is important for agriculture that we welcome everyone … those who are new to our industry, and those who have been part of it for multiple generations. Including everyone is a necessity. To that end, we have been authentically and systematically examining our curriculum, practices and policies to make sure that everyone enjoys the opportunities of a Land Grant University. The effort includes large scale events and thoughtful dialogue focused on inclusiveness and equity . We have adopted a new brand — Come to the Table — solidifying an identity in which we welcome everyone to have a seat at the table, experience agriculture in their lives, and be part of a changing world.

As we persevere through these challenging times, I am grateful for those committed to our university.  Our world is uncertain, and in some sense, we have become better at exchanging clarity of today’s outcomes for a shared clarity of purpose. Together, we will continue.


All the best,

James Pritchett

For more about Dean and Director James Pritchett, see the recently released SOURCE article. 


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