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1 Research Associate I B.A. /B.S. degree* + less than 3 years professional experience. Knowledge of basic principles of professional/scientific field and research. Multiple, clearly defined tasks performed that facilitates the work of others in the unit with little impact beyond the organizational unit.
2 Research Associate II Research Associate I + 3 years experience or B.A. /B.S. degree + 3 years professional experience or Master’s degree. Knowledge of Research Associate I + skills from job experience to permit independent performance of reoccurring assignments or additional professional or administrative knowledge. Responsibility for complete segment of a project or partial project of a b
3 Research Associate III Research Associate II + 5 years experience or B.A. /B.S. degree + 5 years related experience or Master’s degree + 2 years experience or Ph.D. Fully professional level requiring independent work in specialized phase of research. Knowledge of wide range of concepts and principles gained from graduate student or experience. Difficult and complex assignments. May supervise as group/team leader.
4 Research Associate IV Research Associate III + 10 years experience or B.A. /B.S. degree + 10 years of related experience or Master’s degree + 5 years experience or Ph.D. + 2 years of experience. Senior level assignments responsible for major aspects of a research project. Possesses a mastery of professional/scientific field to enable application of experimental theories and developments to problems. Work requires varied duties involving many di
5 Senior Research Associate Research Associate IV + extensive experience or B.A. /B.S. degree + extensive related experience or Master’s degree + significant professional experience or Ph.D. + 5 years experience. Most senior level of professional support for major research projects. May supervise. Non-supervisory positions require sustained frequent contributions of original ideas of major importance or interpretation data. Mastery of professional field to gene
6 Research Scientist/Scholar I Recent Ph.D. with limited research experience (usually less than 3 years). Demonstrated potential for independent research. May work independently or as a member of team. Solicit research projects.
7 Research Scientist/Scholar II Research Scientist/Scholar I + experience or Ph.D. + 3 years postdoctoral experience or equivalent (Research equivalent to Assistant Professor rank) Participate actively in research and in planning and solicitation of support for research projects, and to submit papers in refereed journals and present papers at national meetings.
8 Research Scientist/Scholar III Research Scientist/Scholar II + usually at least 5 years of post-doctoral experience or Ph.D. + 7 years post-doctoral experience. (Research equivalent to Associate Professor rank). Evidence of substantial research accomplishments, including regular publication in refereed journals, regular presentation of papers at scientific meetings, award of patents, and/or successful raising of research funds.
9 Senior Research Scientist/Scholar Research Scientist/Scholar III + 5 years experience. (Research equivalent to Full Professor rank). Outstanding, sustained, superior research performance and accomplishments; recognized by peers as accomplished senior researcher in field. Demonstrated leadership activities.
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