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College Data Storage

Internal File Shares

drive-mapsimageThe college automatically provisions mapped drives to file shares on our server.  The schema below explains the logic of the drive letters schema.  The drive letters may not be the same from one computer to the next, so use the descriptive name when referring to it.

  • Administrative shares, such as communications, departmental front office, etc. are assigned drive letters starting at “G” and proceed through the alphabet as new drives are identified.
  • Student Shares will have a personal “Home” drive lettered “M“,
  • Each department is assigned a “public” share letter “O” (as in open).  This is a space where you may place files and share within your department.  Remember to go back and clean up periodically.
  • College faculty and staff will have a personal “Home” drive lettered “P
  • Research shares are assigned  drive letter “R” and proceed through the alphabet as new drives are identified.
  • Drive “W” is for files to support college websites .
  • Drive “X” is for quickly sharing files among faculty, staff and students in the college. There is a 10 gigabyte limit, only data files are allowed, no program files, and it is emptied daily at 4 AM.
  • Drive “Y” is for scans from the large format scanner in Shepardson 222.  It is emptied daily at 4 AM.

Although most computers will have the shares automatically mapped, you can do it manually by typing the server path followed by the name of the group:

  • \\\administrative$\
    for search committee, departmental, etc., shares
  • \\\doc$\ename\
    for personal shares
  • \\\research$\
    for research shares
  • \\\webdoc$\your website name (“abc”, “it”, “dare”, etc)
    for files to support college websites
  • \\\tempstor$\
    for Students, staff and faculty large file sharing within the college.   Deleted nightly.
  • \\\studentdata$\
    for student shares

Ex: The “genetic” research group would be \\\research$\genetic

Map a drive from Windows

Map a drive from a Mac

If you are off campus, you will need to run the University SSL

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External File Share

Staff and faculty in the college may put large files on a server share temporarily for access on the world wide web.  These files are available to anyone on the World Wide Web who finds the share.  There are no limitations as to file type and size is restricted to space left on the drive (175 gigabytes).  The share is cleared daily at 4:00AM.

Path to put files on the share:


(MAC/Linux Path:smb//$)

Web address for you colleagues to download:

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