Communicating to College Groups

There are two ways to communicate to college groups

  • Microsoft Exchange Distribution Lists
    1. Can be found in your Outlook address book
    2. All college lists begin with “CAS L-“
    3. There are several lists in the address book.  We’ve adopted a naming convention that will help you find your lists quickly.
    4. Membership to your lists is automatically updated from university data systems (see adjoining window)
    5. You can see who is a member by looking at properties of each list
    6. Lists are limited to Office 365 account holders
    7. **Add the list address to your “BCC” field or you will list hundreds of recipients in the “To” field of your email.
  • Mailman distribution list
    1. Can be found here:
    2. Three primary lists are agsciences-ap, agsciences-fac, and agsciences-sc
    3. You can request the list of members by contacting AgHelp
    4. Our HR populates these manually.  You may request to be added if we have overlooked you.
    5. Anyone can be included on a listserve.

Exchange Mailing lists

College-wide list serve guide. All materials needed in another accessible format can be made available upon request.

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