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Computer Purchase

  1. All non-Apple laptop and desktop computer purchases are subject to the HP purchase agreement.
  2. Standard HP configurations can be found on the Kuali Website.
    • Log in to CAP, select Kuali Financial System (right column), select Shop Catalogs (far left, middle of page), then select “CDW” in the punch-out.
  3. The agreement means that all non-HP desktop or laptop purchases made through Purchasing\’s website must be preceded by a waiver form signed by the college IT Director.
  4. All purchases made using a Pcard are highly discouraged and need a waiver signed post-purchase.
  5. Standard configurations are in stock for delivery within a week or two. We have configured a college standard based on historical purchasing and will update it regularly.
  6. Campus program document
Why is this being done?
  • Desktop and laptop computers have truly become a commodity in the past few years. Thus, the senior campus administration and IT community felt an agreement could benefit campus.
  • In addition to price discounts, HP will partner with the university on academic and research programs. This is the third major strategic relationship Colorado State has secured in the last year – unique relationships between the university and Coca-Cola and OfficeMax were announced in 2011.
  • It will generate more than $700,000 a year in internships and scholarships for CSU students.
  • It will also help fund the Provost’s recently announced faculty computer subsidy program (see subsidy) which will pay for up to $500 for a faculty office computer on a three to four year life cycle.

Provost Purchase Program

Emerging federal requirements for expenditures disallow computer purchases except where explicitly allowed by and dedicated to a grant. Specifically, faculty cannot purchase computers using federal funds intended for any purpose other than the specific grant. This introduces an additional burden on the University to fund such. To ease this burden on the colleges, the Provost allocated base funds to subsidize such computer purchases.

The subsidy shall be limited to:

  • Tenure-track, regular faculty
  • The program is designed to replace the office computer
  • $500 or fifty percent (whichever is less) of the cost of the computer.
  • All purchases must be made by 1 March

Please contact your purchasing representative in the business office for more details.


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