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Mac – Map network drive

  1. Select Go
  2. Connect to ServerMac map 1
  3. Please use the previous page to help you determine the correct path to your share name.Mac map instructions 2
  4. type ” smb://”servername””sharename” where “sharename” is the name of the share and “servername” is the name of the server that the share resides on.
  5. Select Connect
  6. If you don’t have a CAS account, Domain is COLOSTATE
  7. Name and password is ename and epassword from your eId.Mac map instructions 3

Access to this share is limited to your group and system administrator.

To connect to your departmental PUBLIC share:

  1. Select Go
  2.  Connect to Server
  3.  type ” smb://”servername”$ “.
  4.  Select Connect
  5.  Domain is COLOSTATE
  6.  Name and password is ename and epassword from your eId.
  7.  Access to this share is available to all staff, faculty in your department.
  •  If your Mac login is the same as your eId, you will be able to access files on the server without retyping your login password (single login).
  •  You must be running OS 10.2 or higher


  • Applications
  • Utilities
  • Directory Access
  • Unlock it

Check the box that says “Active Directory”

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