Message From the Dean

Man in green suit in front of building with big A on the front

When I step outside, my first glance travels to the horizon. I am a creature of habit, and that quick look is born of a myriad of agricultural experiences with weather, climate, necessity and opportunity. What does the future hold? Opportunity beckons on the horizon, and in its light, we visualize the best of what life can be. 

CSU students are returning to campus with fresh energy and enthusiasm  welcome home! We are inspired by you. The horizon calls, and your journey is just beginning. In the year to come, we will co-create knowledge, challenge one another to learn and ripen learning with wisdom. Our shared space needs to be welcoming and valuing of differences. We know that creating opportunities means coming to the table with positive intention and everyone’s best ideas.  

I traveled alongside our scientists and graduate students who are doing fieldwork this summer, and joined our hardworking staff as they cultivated science and community. We have been listening intently to the needs of the people, communities and industries we serve. I am grateful for the chance to share stories of dedication, resilience and excellence that are the identity College of Agricultural Sciences and the Agricultural Experiment Station. I am proud of you. 

Looking ahead, the college is focused on advancing the land-grant mission through our Agricultural Sciences Strategic Plan. Through intentional discovery, inclusive learning and collaborative outreach, we are committed to continuing to create impactful programs that support a brighter future for agriculture and for our planet, while ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table and a voice in the conversation. Agriculturalists are innately opportunistic, and through our strategic plan, we are looking at how consumer preferences are changing, how the food industry is adapting and innovating, and the pivotal role technology has in food production. We are considering population growth, the changing climate, and the great opportunities we have – scanning the horizon for the opportunities we are poised to take advantage of. 

One incredible opportunity on the horizon for the college is sharing the Nutrien Agricultural Sciences Building, our new home for agriculture, with the campus community. At the heart of campus, our new building is emblazoned with the Aggie A, which represents CSU’s rich agricultural history and tradition. The Nutrien building inspires dreams and creates opportunities for people to learn, to convene, and to meet global challenges in food safety, food security, wellness and economic prosperity through the sustainable use of natural resources. We hope that you stop by. 

As summer gives way to fall and we welcome what is likely CSU’s largest incoming class ever, we start a new season of opportunity and discovery. Join us at the table as we work together to build on a proud tradition of innovation in agricultural sciences at Colorado State University. 


James Pritchett, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences
Director, Agricultural Experiment Station