Message From the Dean

Welcome Rams,

Welcome to Colorado State University and welcome to the College of Agricultural Sciences. I’m proud to serve you as your dean.

There are a lot of similarities that draw us together as we come forward. Whether we’re an employee, staff, faculty, or student, but especially student, we feel a sense of great anticipation about our first day of spending the semester together. We’re anticipating about the things we’re going to achieve together, the dreams we’re going to realize, and the things we’re going to give flight to.

I think too, that we might feel a sense of gratitude for one another and for those who supported us in getting here. In fact, I encourage us all to reach out to those that helped us get to where we are today here at Colorado State University. Send them thanks to let them know what it means that they supported us in achieving this dream.

I think there’s another feeling that draws us together and that is nervousness. This feeling is something that is common to all of us. You know, we come from a lot of lived experiences. Some of us come from densely populated neighborhoods with a lot of people around us. And, some of us struggle to even find neighbors where we come from.

Some of us have a deep abiding history and set of experiences around agriculture. And, for others this will be the first time that we’ll experience agriculture and define what it means for us.

For some of us, we’re generations of Rams that have come to Fort Collins so we know its nooks and crannies and what takes place here. But, for many others it will be the very first time that someone in our family has come to college.

We greet all of you as Rams and part of our college of agricultural sciences family. I’m so excited and so proud to have you join us and look forward to seeing you on campus.

I want to leave you with one phrase that we have adopted in the College of Agricultural Sciences that means so much about what our commitment means to each other. This phrase is Come to the Table.

We know in agriculture that coming to the table means that we’ll bring with us all of our lived experiences and all of our different identities. We’ll be able to share those because we’re working on grand challenges about feeding the world and stewarding our natural resources. We’re taking care of one another and we’re elevating our experiences.

We know that we’ll come to the table with our creativity, innovation, enthusiasm, and a bit of that nervousness, too. In the College of Agricultural Sciences we all need to come to the table so we can include everyone. And, so we can include ourselves as we think about our promise for tomorrow.

Welcome Rams. Welcome to the College of Agricultural Sciences and best of luck as the new semester starts.

James Pritchett, PhD
Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences
Director, Agricultural Experiment Station