Megan Mardesen

Student Success Administrative Assistant and Event Coordinator
(970) 491-3751

Home roots are in Iowa and of all things, basketball brought me to Colorado in 2012. First generation graduate and the focus of my Master’s thesis was on home court advantage. Although I didn’t attend CSU, I have spent the last 10 years as a CSU staff member serving in a few different roles. My day starts with a cup of coffee and typically ends with a walk around the block with my partner, Matt, and two dogs: Navvi and Banks.

You can find me right inside of the Pexton Student Success Suite. Much of the work I do is behind the scenes planning. I provide administrative support for a number of different committees and events, with my favorite event being Commencement each Fall and Spring semester!

Top Conversation Starters

  1. College football
  2. Small towns – grew up in a town of 650 people and graduating class of 24
  3. What would you tell yourself five years ago?

Skills on a Scale From Zero to Awesome

  • Collecting boxes, just in case they are needed 80% 80%
  • Spelling ‘guarantee’ correctly without autocorrect 30% 30%
  • Clicking ‘Snooze’ in the morning 90% 90%
  • Finishing a library book before the return date 50% 50%