Susan Brown

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Susan Brown

Recruitment Coordinator
(970) 391-0955

Susan grew up in Southeast Wisconsin but has called Fort Collins home since starting her degrees in Zoology and Wildlife Biology at CSU in 2014. During her time at CSU, Susan was involved as an undergraduate teaching assistant for an animal behavior course, planned trips for the Outdoor Club, and organized Take Back the Night for the Women and Gender Advocacy Center. Before coming back to work at CSU, Susan worked in outdoor education where she led and organized logistics for extended wilderness canoeing, backpacking, and kayaking trips. In her free time Susan loves spending time outside (just as comfortable in a hammock as on a hike), trying new hobbies, and hanging out with her goofy rescue dog, Elmer.

Susan has a passion for continuing to build on the Land Grant mission of CSU, hoping to increase accessibility of obtaining a degree in agriculture for anyone who wants to come to the table of agriculture. She hopes to serve as a resource to you as you navigate the college search process and explore all that the College of Agricultural Sciences has to offer. Susan and her Undergraduate Recruitment Team are here to help you as you find your path to CSU!


Top Conversation Starters

  1. Pop stars, especially Harry Styles, Lizzo, and Taylor Swift
  2. The best places to find gluten-free treats
  3. What people “nerd out” on, tell me about what you love!

Skills on a Scale From Zero to Awesome

  • Perfecting gluten free baking skills 80% 80%
  • Finding restaurants to try when traveling 100% 100%
  • Finishing a crossword puzzle in one sitting 20% 20%
  • Creating curated playlists 50% 50%