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First Generation Faculty and Staff

Proud of Our Heritage

We are so proud to say one third of our undergraduate students identify as First Generation students. As First Gen faculty and staff members, we know how education opens doors, transforms and empowers people. And we are collectively committed to sharing our support with you.

Connect with us. We are here to listen, answer your questions, and make sure you have the resources you need for your academic success.

Your First-Gen AgFamily

Amy Bibbey

Assistant to AES Deputy Director 
Assistant to Associate Dean of Research

(970) 491-3767

Thomas Borch

Environmental Chemistry

C017 Plant Science Building
(970) 491-6235

Jennifer Bousselot

Jennifer Bousselot

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Urban Horticulture and Green Roof Culture
Assistant Professor
(970) 491-7019

Tammy Brenner

Plant Growth Facilities

PGF Manager
115 Plant Growth Facilities
(970) 491-7140

Matt Camper


Faculty Instructor
C031 Plant Sciences
(970) 491-0713
(970) 491-7554 lab

Marco Costanigro

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Associate Professor
Chair of the Graduate Program
B326 Clark Building
(970) 491-6948

Amanda Countryman

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Purdue University
B329 Clark Bldg.
(970) 491-3299

Addy Elliot

Assistant Dean of Academic Advising and Student Success

C110 Plant Sciences
(970) 491-6984

Terry Engle

Terry Engle

Animal Sciences

Nutrition Professor
(970) 491-3597

Mark Enns

Animal Sciences

Animal Sciences 012
(970) 491-2722

Marshall Frasier

Agricultural and Resource Economics

B331 Clark Bldg.
(970) 491-6071

Dana Hoag

Agricultural and Resource Economics

B330 Clark Bldg.
(970) 491-5549

Courtney Jahn

Agricultural Biology

Assistant Professor
C032 Plant Sciences
(970) 491-6741 office

Stephan Kroll

Agricultural and Resource Economics

B313 Clark Bldg.
(970) 491-0887

Jan Leach

Agricultural Biology

C203 Plant Sciences
E106 Plant Sciences – Lab
(970) 491-2924 office

Jennifer Martin

Animal Sciences

Assistant Professor
Meat Safety & Quality

Michael J. Martin

Agricultural Literacy

Assistant Professor
B333 Clark Building
(970) 491-6949

Linda Munk

Linda Munk

Colorado Seed Growers Association Seed Certification Manager

C143 Plant Sciences
(970) 491-6202

Mary Stromberger

Mary Stromberger

Soil and Crop Sciences

Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs
Dean of the Graduate School
(970) 491-6817

John Wagner


(970) 491-2174 office
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