Dean’s Leadership Team

Dr. James Pritchett

Executive Associate Dean

Dr. Pritchett serves as the Executive Associate Dean in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Colorado State University. His passion is serving Colorado agriculture and implementing the shared strategic vision of CAS. On a day-to-day basis, Pritchett directs operations and administration for the College’s activities. He is a land grant economist who enjoys working in a wide range of teaching, research and engagement activities including agribusiness management, water resource economics, community development and interdisciplinary land management strategies.  Originally from southeastern Colorado, Pritchett is a two-time alumnus of CSU, and he received his PhD from the University of Minnesota in Agriculture and Applied Economics.

Dr. Jan Leach

Associate Dean for Research

C206 Plant Sciences
(970) 491-2924

Dr. Jan Leach is the Associate Dean for Research in the College of Agriculture and a University Distinguished Professor at Colorado State University.  In her role as Associate Dean for Research, she provides strategic vision for research within the College, and works with faculty to build collaborative research teams. Her research group studies the molecular basis of durable plant disease resistance. Other projects in her laboratory are related to bioenergy (genetics of biomass production) and understanding the interactions of bacteria-insects-plants in plant health.

Dr. Eugene Kelly

Deputy Director – Ag Experiment Station, Associate Dean for Extension

(970) 491-5371


Dr. Kelly – the Deputy Director of AES, in close collaboration with the Associate Dean for Research, evaluates and develops the framework, principles and processes will ensure that AES, College, and Extension Services are aligned and serving our existing and evolving constituents. He also serves as the Associate Dean for Extension.

Matt Camper

Assistant Dean for Teaching Practice and Academic Programs

C031 Plant Sciences
(970) 491-0713


Matt Camper is the Assistant Dean for Teaching Practice and Academic Programs in the College of Agriculture and a holds a Senior Teaching Appointment in the Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management.  His scope of work includes coordinating curriculum development and new program development in CAS, as well as assisting departments in adopting high impact teaching practices and evaluating teaching effectiveness.  He is a passionate champion of the continuum of care for CSU students and on an inclusive and affirming environment for our students, faculty, and staff especially as it relates to the classroom and curriculum.  Mr. Camper is an entomologist, current director of The CSU Bug Zoo (a live arthropod collection that meets with over 10,000 students and community members from nearly 50 different schools and multiple other events across the state), and the faculty sponsor for the Gillette Entomology club (the oldest continuously run student club at Colorado State University).

Addy Elliot

Assistant Dean of Academic Advising and Student Success

C110 Plant Sciences
(970) 491-6984


Addy Elliott serves as the Assistant Dean of Academic Advising and Student Success in the College of Agriculture at CSU.  Her passion for supporting, empowering and encouraging students throughout their journey at CSU aligns with her responsibilities.  In this role, Addy coordinates and elevates the College of Agricultural Science academic advisors to best serve our students.  She also develops and initiatives focused student success in the College.  Addy has a M.S. in Soil Science from CSU and maintains a teaching appointment in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences.  Several of the courses Addy teaches include Environmental Issues in Agriculture, Topics in Organic Agriculture, and Field Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture: Study Abroad in Todos Santos.

Dr. Jillian Lang

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Shepardson 122
(970) 491-1594

Dr. Lang earned a B.S. in Biology from SUNY Fredonia, a M.S. in Plant Pathology and a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from Colorado State University. She currently serves the College of Agricultural Sciences at CSU as Director of Strategic Partnerships where she provides stewardship of external relationships with academic, corporate and non-profit entities. She oversees partnerships that promote advanced research and student success in alignment with the college mission. Prior to this position she spent seven years as a lab and project manager for a large molecular plant pathology at CSU and as a senior scientist at a biofuel start-up company. She continues to conduct her own research in the development of genomics-based diagnostic tools for plant pathogens, the evolution of bacterial pathogenicity, host adaptation and molecular mechanisms of host resistance using rice and corn as model crops.

Dr. Edgar Peyronnin

Director of Planning and Operations

Shepardson 125
(970) 491-5583

Dr. Peyronnin serves as the Director of Planning and Operations, overseeing IT, Communications, and facilities improvements for the college. He joined the college in 1994 as an instructor, created and led the IT group from 2000-2018. He has helped design and build several systems for the college and has helped lead campus initiatives, such as the Campus Cloud and R-Store (campus centralized research data storage facility). Prior to his arrival, he served as an Army officer with unit command in Germany, as a NATO Force advisor in Greece, and as an Intelligence and lead briefing officer for deploying units at III Corps, Ft Sill Oklahoma during Operation Desert Storm. He earned a BS in Finance from Northern Illinois University, Master’s degree from Indiana University, and both a Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems and PhD from Journalism and Media Communications at Colorado State University.

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