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Goals and Objectives

Overarching Goal 1

Student Success

A first priority for CAS is the development of students into lifelong learners and contributing global citizens. Key student learning & success outcomes include technical competencies of their program of study and agricultural literacy, developing leadership and critical thinking skills, engaging in thoughtful, intentional and professionally written, visual, verbal and non-verbal communication. CAS will develop an international reputation in developing, delivering and measuring the outcomes of experiential learning as it is applied to agricultural outcomes.

Support Goal 1

Operational and Financial

Increase enrollment, retention, graduation, and placement rates while streamlining internal processes and remaining fiscally responsible by increasing revenue and decreasing expenditures.

Overarching Goal 2

Research and Engagement Excellence

CAS will be known as a global leader in safety, security and sustainability of food and resource systems. CAS will be known for providing unbiased scientific information and whose programs of study will be known for their excellence in content and delivery. CAS will be ranked in the top 15 in QS rankings for agriculture and forestry among institutions in North America by 2022 whose departments will be considered in the top tier for teaching and research among their peers. CAS will be home to at least one member of the National Academies of Science and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences by 2025, be the home of at least three university distinguished professors and two university distinguished teaching scholars at CSU by 2025, and have three programs of research and scholarly excellence at CSU by 2022.

Support Goal 2

Culture of Inclusive Excellence

  • To promote an educational and professional environment where faculty, staff, and students are welcomed, valued, and affirmed.
  • To enhance the success of diverse students and create an inclusive academic environment.
  • To increase the recruitment, retention, graduation, and placement of qualified, ethnically diverse students who represent the population demographics in the State of Colorado, while also eliminating opportunity gaps based on first generation, underrepresented, Pell grant eligible, residency, and/or gender status.

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