Our Foundations

College of Agricultural Sciences Strategic Plan 2022-2025

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Cultivating and growing an inclusive, respectful and equitable community

We are committed to inclusive excellence in which all perspectives are welcomed, valued and affirmed.

We encourage our team and our stakeholders to “Come to the Table” with their passion and pursuit of excellence to cultivate a diverse community that co-creates knowledge to address key agricultural challenges.

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Convening and supporting critical conversations to address wicked problems

We are a trusted and responsive partner in addressing the public interest with high quality research, teaching and service.

We actively embrace difficult conversations and encourage respectful debate.

We facilitate and support informed policy discussion at the epicenter of agriculture, natural resource and human systems.


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Promoting agricultural literacy with awareness, knowledge, discovery and decision-making

We share knowledge and build community to promote greater public understanding and trust in agriculture.

We advocate for transparency, providing unbiased information to support sound judgment by producers, consumers and policymakers.

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Preparing tomorrow’s leaders for global challenges

We are committed to preparing successful leaders, innovators, and global citizens by developing the professional skills, technical expertise and cultural competencies needed to advance the college and agricultural community in Colorado and beyond.



Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders for Global Challenges

How will we accomplish this?

We will:

  • Define and embed key student learning and success outcomes in curricular and extra-curricular program design, with an emphasis on experiential and service learning, decision-making and global perspective
  • Develop the next generation of scientists for careers in academia and industry with experiences in research design, professional scientific communication and real-world problem solving
  • Grow the professional capital and relevance of students through regular and deliberate engagement with agricultural stakeholders
  • Inspire and implement a culture of curricular innovation that results in greater access by diverse learners, successful career pathways and lifelong learning
  • Provide a continuum of care that fosters whole student development while improving student retention, persistence, graduation and placement rates

How will we know we’re successful?

We Will:

  • Become the institution of choice for agricultural sciences among high school graduates from Colorado
  • Observed year-over-year growth in the share of undergraduate students with demonstrated competency in College of Agricultural Sciences core dimensions
  • Increased the number of graduate students and post-doctoral professionals who become recognized leaders within peer institutions and industry
  • Developed agile and accessible curricular solutions to support diverse learners, accelerate careers and address critical workforce development gaps
  • Observed continual improvement in student success metrics including first-year retention, four- and six-year graduation rate, and placement in preferred career pathway