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Entomology Minor

Entomology is a basic and applied science of the study of insects and other arthropods such as ticks and mites. Insects are the most numerous and diverse life on earth and they are essential components of virtually every terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem. Whereas human society benefits directly and indirectly from the varied roles of the vast majority of insects such as pollination, some species may become limiting factors in the production, processing and storage of our food and fiber crops, and to the health of humans and animals. The knowledge and skill sets of entomology are essential for the implementation of integrated pest management strategies designed to safely and efficiently produce food for a continuously expanding world population and to control the transmission of insect-borne diseases, while at the same time protecting our environment. Additionally, entomological research can also give us broader insights into the ecology, evolution, and social behavior of animals.

Contact the Minor Advisor (Dr. Nachappa) for additional information on this minor. The CSU campus has many extra-curricular activities that complement the entomology minor, including undergraduate laboratory, museum, and field research opportunities, participation in entomology events or volunteering for outreach events led by the CSU Bug Zoo and the Gillette Entomology Club.

Find the course check sheet for the entomology minor here.

Interested students should contact the Agricultural Biology departmental office (Rm C129 Plant Sciences Building) for additional information on how to add this minor. Email us.

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