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⚠️ Information and Updates Regarding COVID-19's Impact on the College of Agricultural Sciences


  1. New Colorado State Natural History Museum Plans : Exterior : First Floor : Floor Plan
  2. During June, Todd Gilligan received the Klots Award for best student paper at the Lepidopterists\’ Society meeting in State College, Mississippi. Congratulations!
  3. During July and August 2008, three donations totaling $7,200 were received for the Gillette Museum Endowment Fund. For a brochure and more information, please contact Paul Opler at paulopler at
  4. The Karolis Bagdonas Collection was donated by the family this spring. This significant collection was comprised of more than 400 boxes of butterflies and moths. Significant coverage includes Colorado, northwestern Wyoming, eastern Texas, and Finland.
  5. This summer in-kind donations of library materials, equipment, and specimens were received from Ken Davenport, Robert L. Langston, Ray and Kit Stanford, and Frank Stermitz. We thank these and all previous donors for their kindnesses.
  6. The Gillette Museum has recently issued two new publications. Lepidoptera of North America. 8. Butterfly research in Boulder County, Colorado by Janet Chu and Mike Sportiello. [$33.00]
  7. Insects of western North America. Blister beetles (Meloidae) of Colorado by Jason Schmidt [$39]. Both are available for purchase by contacting the managing editor at paulopler at
  8. A few copies of Atlas of western USA butterflies by Ray Stanford and Paul Opler are available for purchase.
  9. The annual High Country Lepidopterists\’ meeting be be hosted by the University of Colorado Museum at Boulder this fall. A reception will be held the evening of October 24th. A museum open house and slate of presentations will take place on Saturday, October 25th. Contact Dr. M. Deane Bowers at Deane.Bowers at
  10. The T. O . (Ted) Thatcher Collection was recently acquired by the Gillette Museum. Ted taught entomology (especially forest entomology and immature insects) at Colorado A & M College (now Colorado State University) from 1949 until his retirement in 1977. He was an active collector during his years at CSU and in his retirement years in Logen, Utah. The collection contains mostly Coleoptera, with an emphasis on forest Coleoptera, plus numerous examples of other insect orders. from California, Utah and Colorado. The Collection is estimated to contain over 10,000 specimens.
  11. NEW PUBLICATION: Bright, D. E. and P. Bouchard. 2008. The Insects and Arachnids of Canada. Part 25. Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Entiminae. NRC Research Press, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 327 pp.
  12. Visit Bob Pyle\’s Butterfly-A-Thon-Blog
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