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Museum Staff

Dr. Paul A. Opler

Assistant Director

18-E Hartshorn

(970) 667-8448


Chuck Harp

Research Associate

18-Q Hartshorn


Dr. Todd Gilligan

USDA-APHIS, Lepidopterist


Dr. Donald Bright

Curator, Coleoptera

(970) 491-7419


Dr. Tim McNary

Curator, Orthoptera


Dr. Crystal Cooke 

Entomology Instructor

18-A Hartshorn

(970) 491-8795

Museum Associates

Ms. Barbara Bartell (Blackhawk, Colorado) – Donates large numbers of Lepidoptera annually.

Donald Bowman (Littleton, Colorado) – donates Lepidoptera.

Janet Chu (Boulder, Colorado) – donates Lepidoptera, supports museum.

Dr. Whitney Cranshaw (Fort Collins, Colorado) –donates many important species from his studies on household and horticultural insects.

Ken Davenport (Bakersfield, California) – donates large number of California Lepidoptera annually, author of Gillette series publication.

Dr. Boyce Drummond (Ft. Collins, Colorado) – curate Lepidoptera and librarian for the Bruner Library

Richard S. Durfee (Hamilton, Montana) – expert in the taxonomy of North Ephemeroptera, Dytiscidae, Haliplidae, and Chironomidae. Identifies selected aquatic insect groups.

Scott D. Ellis (LaPorte, Colorado) – donates Colorado butterflies and moths.

Dr. Clifford D. Ferris, emeritus professor (University of Wyoming, Laramie) – identifies and donates Lepidoptera.

Mike Fisher (Montrose, Colorado) – author of the butterflies of Colorado in the Gillette series. Donates identified butterflies.

Don Givens (Wellington, Colorado) – identifies, donates, and curates caddisfly collection.

Dr. Anthony Joern (Ft. Collins, Colorado) – curates Hymenoptera (bees)

Dr. John A. Hyatt (Kingsport, Tennessee) – donates identified Lepidoptera.

Sam Johnson (Colorado Springs, Colorado) – donated his entire valuable Colorado Lepidoptera collection.

Michael G. Kippenhan (McMinnville, Oregon) – identifies and donates Coleoptera, especially Cicindelinae.

David Leatherman (Fort Collins, Colorado) – forest insect specialist, donates 1,000’s of specimens annually.  Particular areas of interest are bark beetles, wood borers, prey of insectivorous birds (especially shrikes), and pompilid wasps in genus Dipogon.”  

Dr. John Nordin (University of Wyoming, Laramie) – donated personal collection of >100,000 Lepidoptera, Trichoptera, and Cicindelinae.

Bill Prather – identifies and donates Odonata and other insects

Dr. Will K. Reeves USDA-APHIS (Fort Collins, Colorado) – identifies and donated medically and other important insect groups.

Dave Ruiter (Grants Pass, Oregon) – expert on North American Trichoptera; donates Ephemeroptera and Plecoptera

Dr. James A. Scott (Lakewood, Colorado) – identifies and donated Lepidoptera and other insect groups

Dr. Ray E. Stanford (Medford, Oregon) – donated personal collection of more than 100,000 butterflies.

Dr. J. Bolling Sullivan (Beaufort, North Carolina) – contributes Lepidoptera from Southeastern United States.

David Wikle (Pasadena, California) – donates Lepidoptera.

Dr. Andrew D. Warren (Gainesville, Florida) – Senior Collections Manager, McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, Hesperiidae expert.

Dr. Michael Weissmann (Westminster, Colorado) – curates CDC mosquito collection

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