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Graduate Student Payroll and Benefits Information

Graduate Student Payroll and Benefits Information

Graduate students are paid on the last weekday of each month. Information on accessing your paycheck information is below. Be sure to check your paycheck information since mistakes sometimes occur.

This is an example from a previous year of graduate student pay information. Your first paycheck (Aug-18 in this case) will likely only be for part of a month, so will be lower than other month. Grad stipends are generally increased when staff salaries are increased and this increase is typically 0% to 3% per year. GRA and GTA stipends may differ, as shown in this example. Deductions for benefits come out at different points in the year, which causes monthly changes in the amount of your stipend that you receive.

Taxes are deducted from your paycheck every September and February. The University pays your insurance premium but this is considered taxable income so your paycheck will be reduced by up to $300.00. We recommend that you plan ahead for this by saving 50-60 dollars a month. In the summer if you are not registered for classes but still being paid by the University they will deduct Medicare and retirement savings (SERP). The company that administers SERP, TIAA, will mail you a packet of info.

How to access your paycheck information:

General payroll information

Individual employee information, including paycheck information

If you are on campus, click on “Administrative Applications and Resources (AAR) portal” and go to step 6. If you are off campus, sign up for the two-factor authentication service duo (it is free) by following the directions in step 3 below.

Duo signup

Once you are signed up for Duo, go to and login using your CSU eID and your password.  You will see this when you go to log in to Select how you would like to authenticate. The simplest option is Duo Push through your cell phone. Once you authenticate proceed to step 5.

Select “Administrative Applications and Resources (AAR) on the right side of the screen.

Click “HR system” on the menu to the right of your screen. Then use your CSU eID and password to login.

After you log in, expand the “CSU Employee Self Service” folder on the left and select Pay Advices. Select the paycheck of interest and press Go to see the paycheck.

This is where you will find your paycheck information. You can select which one you want to view from a drop down menu at the top of the page. Once you have selected the pay slip press the “Go” button, then push it again. The selected paycheck will appear.



You will also see a tuition bill appear on RamWeb on August 15 and January 15. Do not pay this bill and expect to be reimbursed if you have a GRA or GTA position. This tuition bill will be paid through your assistantship and this amount will be removed from your account.

Tuition and Colorado Residency

CSU covers out of state tuition for graduate students only for their first year and assistantships only pay in-state tuition. To get in-state tuition, you must apply as soon as you arrive in Colorado. To do this, register your car, register to vote (if a citizen), and obtain an in-state license. Car registration etc. must occur BEFORE the first day of classes. You must get an emissions test and Colorado car insurance before registering your car downtown. Emissions tests take place at a state run facility nearby and cost about $20. Drivers licenses are obtained at the DMV and there are two DMV locations near campus. If you are a US citizen, you can register to vote when you get your license. The following summer, you can then petition for Colorado residency. You may need a notary for this and this service is provided for free on campus.

For residency, you will need the following:

  1. Residency petition form
  2. Copy of drivers license
  3. Signed tax returns from the past two years and possibly additional tax documents
  4. First and last paycheck from CSU
  5. Signed and dated lease or mortgage
  6. Vehicle registration
  7. Voter registration
  8. Statement of intent to live in Colorado



You will see student fees on your RamWeb account and these are due every October and March. The sweet spot for fees is 5 credits since you are still covered by insurance, but your fees will be at the lowest point. We recommend that you set aside $200/month to cover fees.


Health Insurance

CSU pays your health insurance premiums as long as you are registered for at least 5 credits. If registered for more than 5 credits, you should be automatically enrolled each semester. If you are registered for 5 credits, you must enroll yourself each semester. There is a small health insurance access fee (HAF) charge for summer health insurance. Health insurance billing can be reached at 970-491-3198.



If you do not already have a ROTH IRA, we recommend that you open a ROTH account while in graduate school, even if you can only contribute a small amount each year. You may need to save $500 or $1000 before being able to open the account. Once open, you can set up automatic deposits into this account.

(Thank you to CSU graduate student Brooke Berger for compiling and sharing this information!)

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