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Graduate Student Resources

This resources page is for graduate students in Agricultural Biology degree programs and for students in University-wide programs, such as the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology and the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Degree Program, whose advisors are members of Agricultural Biology. Some sections of this page will apply only to AB degree program students. Students in other programs are encouraged to obtain information directly from their degree program offices. Students are also encouraged to become familiar with the resources available on the Graduate School website.

Agricultural Biology offers both thesis-based M.S. and Ph.D. degrees and project-based graduate degree in Pest Management. The main objective of a thesis-based graduate degree is to become a proficient and ethical scientist capable of critical evaluation of data and independent scholarship. The objective of project-based M.S. degree is to develop breadth of expertise and the professional skills and networks suitable for working in pest management in urban and rural settings.


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