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Laboratory and Field Safety

Laboratory and Field Safety


Our safety in the laboratory and field is of critical importance. There are multiple trainings that you must take prior to starting work in the laboratory and field. All are freely available either online or in person. It is your responsibility to be sure that you have the appropriate safety training. You should discuss this with your advisor before conducting any lab or field research.


You can sign up for laboratory safety training through Environmental Health and Safety (


If you work in agricultural greenhouses or fields, you will need Worker Protection Training. Some details are available here:


In the laboratory, greenhouse, or field, you should always know what type of personal protective equipment (PPE) you require and you should be sure that it fits appropriately. You should know where safety showers, eye washing stations, and first aid kits are located. You should not work alone in a laboratory building, so avoid working outside of normal business hours as much as possible.


Working in the field has additional safety hazards. Do your best to not work alone in the field and always stay aware of your surroundings. Always make sure that someone else knows where you are, the route that you are taking there and back, and when you expect to return. Be sure that you know emergency contact information if your state vehicle or rental car breaks down.


You should always bring the following equipment with you:


First aid kit

Sunscreen and sunglasses

Tool box with common tools for minor repairs


Reflective triangles, in case your car breaks down at night

Extra clothing and shoes

Extra water and food

A phone or radio. Some areas of Colorado lack cell service and if you are working in these areas, you should have a sat phone.


You should always feel safe from harm and harassment when conducting laboratory or field work. If you do not feel safe, work with your advisor to find a resolution to your concerns. If the safety issues are not resolved, you should contact the department head with your concerns or report concerns to the CSU Office of Equal Opportunity (

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