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Plant Health Minor

Are you interested in the sustainability of urban, agricultural, and natural ecosystems? Then a minor in Plant Health may be for you. Both human and ecosystem health are dependent upon plant health. Plant health can be affected by plant pathogens, insect pests, and invasive plants or weeds.

If you minor in Plant Health, you will learn to apply the knowledge gained in biology courses to real world problems as you learn how microbes, insects, and weeds impact food production, urban landscapes, forests, rangelands, and other ecosystems. You will also learn how to use integrated pest management strategies to safely and efficiently manage these ecosystems. Additionally, this minor provides insights into how the ecology and evolution of plants, microbes, and insects affect our daily lives.

This minor pairs well with majors in biology, soil and crop sciences, horticulture, forest and rangeland stewardship, microbiology, and natural resources management. This minor helps to prepare students for jobs in businesses related to food systems and other aspects of agriculture and for jobs related to environmental conservation and sustainability, such a crop scouting, horticultural plant production, or ecosystem management.

Interested students should contact the Plant Health Minor Advisors (Dr. Jane Stewart) for additional information on this minor.

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