Jahn Lab

Plant Bio-Energy Lab

My research program uses genetic & molecular tools to improve plant bioenergy yields. My lab evaluates the effect of local growing environments, plant physiological and morphological processes, and leaf and stem chemical composition on biofuel yields.


Research Interests


My program consists of both applied and basic research—it is designed to address local needs, as well as addresses central hypotheses related to plant use for bioenergy. One central hypothesis is to identify the genetic and molecular factors that enhance plant physiological mechanisms. The applied research portion addresses the immediate need in Colorado and the surrounding region. The research program will be separated into two primary areas:

(i) Integrate genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics to identify genes important for improved bioenergy production,

(ii) Assess germplasm and traits that are important for bioenergy yield in Colorado



Courses I Teach


GES 542– Biobased Fuels, Energy, and Chemicals

AGRI/ENGR 601– Bioenergy Technology


Selected Publications


Yasin, M, AF El Mehdawi, CE Jahn, MFS Turner, M Faisal, and E Pilon-Smits. 2014. Seleniferous soils as a source of selenium biofortified food. Plant Soil.

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Jahn, CE, JK McKay, R Mauleon, J Stephens, KL McNally, DR Bush, H Leung, and JE Leach. 2011. Genetic variation in biomass traits among 20 diverse rice varieties. Plant Physiol. 155:157-168.

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Jahn, CE, AO Charkowski, and DK Willis. 2008. Evaluation of isolation methods and RNA integrity for bacterial RNA quantitation. J Microbiol Methods 75:318-324.

Barak, JD, CE Jahn, DL Gibson, and AO Charkowski. 2007. The role of cellulose and O-antigen capsule in the colonization of plants by Salmonella enterica. Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 20:1083-1091.

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Dr. Courtney Jahn

Assistant Professor

C032 Plant Sciences

Email: courtney.jahn@colostate.edu

Office: (970) 491-6741