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⚠️ Information and Updates Regarding COVID-19's Impact on the College of Agricultural Sciences



Students traveling on University business should contact the department administrative staff ( before traveling to fill out necessary forms. The administrative staff will also assist you with travel advances and travel reimbursement. If you are travelling internationally, additional rules may apply and you should visit this site ( for details.


You can reserve a campus fleet car for university business, such as attending off-campus meetings or to go to research sites or field stations. Details on vehicle reservations are here (


A graduate student who drives a state-owned motor vehicle must have a valid driver’s license.  Furthermore, permission of the major advisor, or an authorized faculty member, is required before using a state-owned motor vehicle.  State-owned motor vehicles are for official use only and are not to be used to transport materials or passengers who are not on official business with the University.


Depending on your trip, it may be less expensive to rent a car from a commercial vendor. CSU has contracts with National and Enterprise and details on these contracts are here (


Students should only need to pay for their own research related travel with personal funds under unusual circumstances. Travel advances are available prior to research-related or conference-related travel. Advances will not be received more than 10-days prior to your planned trip. Students may also apply for CSU travel cards (

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