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Kevin Lafleur

Kevin LaFleur started his career in Friona, Texas, with Missouri Beef Packers, which today is known as Excel owned by Cargill.

LaFleur spent six years learning the fabrication and slaughter operations. He was promoted through the ranks of supervisor, plant superintendent, and became a plant manager at age 26, with responsibility of 75 management and 800 hourly workers. Three years later he was moved to the corporate offices as vice president of operations with Cargill.

LaFleur left Cargill in 1980 and joined Swift and Company. He held several key roles in their corporate beef operations until Conagra bought out Swift and Company. At that time Conagra had purchased several protein companies and headquartered them in Greeley, Colo., under the management of Kenneth Monfort.

At Monfort, LaFleur held positions as vice president of operations, vice president of sales and operations, and ultimately became president of the beef, lamb, and its trucking company.

In 1998, LaFleur owned and started K2D, Inc. dba. Colorado Premium Foods (CPF). Today CPF has significant operations in Greeley, Colo., Denver, Chicago, Miami, and Carrolton, Ga. CPF sells further processed beef, pork, and chicken items to retail and food service companies across the nation and internationally.

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