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Club History

Club History

The Colorado State University Agronomy Club is Colorado State University’s longest surviving club.


For over a century, members of the Agronomy Club have gathered together for the sole purpose of learning more about the most up-to-date

issues affecting the world of agriculture and to gain speaking, literary, and social skills. The Agronomy Club was established in the year 1900

and was initially known as the Agricultural Club. Members of the club consisted of faculty, students, and assistants who registered for

agricultural and veterinary courses but anyone interested in agricultural science was welcome to all the meetings. When the club

was first started, the meetings were held every two weeks in the Agricultural Hall where members would discuss agricultural,

horticultural, veterinary subjects and scientific problems of the day while operating without the aid of a written constitution.

The students often presented papers and faculty members gave talks. Discussions always followed the presentations.



The club remained strong from 1900 to 1925 with only a few noted changes. One significant change was the evolution of the club’s name.

Starting out as the Agricultural Club in 1900, it evolved into the Ag Club by 1913 to the present day title Agronomy Club by 1921. During

this time, there was also a change in membership. Once including all students and faculty within the college, membership became limited

to students and faculty strictly interested in agriculture and/or majoring or expecting to major in agronomy. Shortly after the 1917 Fall

term, the Agronomy Club was made a branch of the American Society of Agronomy and remains as such to this day.



Between 1925 and1934, the club was discontinued for unknown reasons but was reorganized in 1934 and has remained strong and

active to this day. With the reorganization of the Agronomy Club in 1934 came the introduction of new structure for the club. New

structure included the overseeing of the Agronomy Club by a faculty advisor as well as the first mention of fundraising to benefit

the club. The members also began assisting with and furnishing the sweepstakes awards for the annual High School Crops

Judging Contest. In 1934, the only social activity was the annual Spring Picnic as the club’s focus was the promotion of scientific

thought, education, and discussion of agricultural topics.


1934 – Present Day

Over time, the club has only continued to evolve and expand upon the foundation in which it was laid and the traditions

of its predecessors. The present day Agronomy Club continues to gather together students with similar interest for their

common benefit and advancement with a focus on agriculture. The Agronomy Club provides an opportunity for students

to take an active part in their department through fundraising projects, social events, and scholastic activities. As an active

member of the Student Activities Section of the American Society of Agronomy, the Agronomy Club travels to the

National and Regional meetings to participate in various contests, activities, and events relating to the agricultural

industry. The annual Ag Banquet is still held each spring and is a strong tradition within the college. The Agronomy

Club to date has developed some new traditions such as the Chili Cook-Off, Casino Night, Bowl-a-thon between

the faculty and students, and a Spring Picnic for the gathering of faculty, students, and their families. The club

members continue to be active in volunteering with the annual Crops Judging Contest and have assisted with the

Ag Adventure for Youth Program since its establishment in 2001. By the means of tours, guest speakers, hosting of

events, fundraising, volunteering, and social interaction, students continue to gain valuable skills and insights

that helps prepare them for the challenging field of agriculture.



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