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Livestock Leaders

Colorado's Leaders In Livestock

Livestock Leaders

Beginning in 1960, the Department initiated an annual award to honor an outstanding individual in the livestock industry. The designation was called the Stockman of the Year, and a portrait of the individual was hung in the Animal Sciences Building. This award was last presented in 1976. In 1986 a similar award was initiated and termed the Livestock Leader Award. This award is presented at a social held in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show. Below are the portraits and citations for these prestigious awards.

Trey Patterson – 2021 Recipient

Craig Huffhines – 2020 Recipient

George Seidel – 2019 Recipient

Bill Webster – 2018 Recipient

Bill Hammerich – 2017 Recipient
For the past 15 years, Bill Hammerich, CEO of the Colorado Livestock Association, has been an advocate for livestock producers across the state of Colorado, producers who have long relied on Colorado University research and outreach. As just one more example… Read More

Vaughn Cook – 2016 Recipient
Vaughn and Jill Cook are co-owners and founders of Royal Vista Equine, Inc. – CO a commercial embryo transfer and equine reproductive center. Royal Vista Equine has expanded across several states with the majority of all employees being CSU graduates… Read More

Steve Gabel – 2015 Recipient
The Department of Animal Sciences is extremely proud to honor Steve Gabel as our newest Livestock Leader, recognizing his longstanding service and commitment to Colorado State University and the cattle industry in Colorado… Read More

Harold Harper – 2014 Recipient
A present day father and son partnership that was formed by two unique visions and is thriving and persevering because of the diversity each man brings to the business. Harper Feedlot primarily focuses on feeder lambs, approximately 180,000 annually…Read More

Not Available – 2013 Recipient
The 2013 recipient of the Livestock Leader of the Year award is not available.

Dick Monfort – 2012 Recipient
Dick Monfort, scion of one of the West’s most prominent cattle families, will be honored by Colorado State University’s Department of Animal Sciences as 2012 Livestock Leader for his role as a champion of the nationwide beef industry and for high-impact philanthropy that benefits agriculture. Monfort is owner/chairman and chief executive officer of… Read More

Cleon Kimberling – 2011 Recipient
His business card says Cleon Kimberling specializes in sheep health and bicycling. An unlikely combination. But it’s a perfect description of Kimberling: The 81-year-old veterinarian, who lives east of Fort Collins, is known throughout the West for tackling sheep illness and disease, and he’s dedicated to riding his recumbent-style bicycle for his own health… Read More

Randy Blach – 2010 Recipient
Blach is CEO of CattleFAX, an organization focused on helping member cattle producers make more profitable marketing and management decisions. Blach came to CattleFAX in 1981 and served as director of market analysis for 15 years before accepting his current role in 2001. He has been a keynote speaker at hundreds of cattle and beef industry… Read More

Dallas Horton – 2009 Recipient
Horton was born in Sheridan, Wyo., and raised on a sheep and cattle ranch in eastern Montana. After graduating from high school in Broadus, Mont., he served in the U.S. Army. Upon return from the service, Horton attended Montana State University majoring in pre-vet. Horton later graduated with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from… Read More

Polly Johnson – 2008 Recipient
Born in 1933, Polly is the daughter of Blanche and Don Collins. She grew up at Collins Ranch near Kit Carson, Colorado riding horseback, checking pastures, and working cattle. Polly graduated from Kit Carson High School in 1952, and continued… Read More

Thomas Bradbury – 2007 Recipient
During the Animal Sciences Social at the National Western Stock Show in January, Mr. Thomas H. Bradbury was honored by the Department as the 2007 Livestock Leader of the Year. His portrait joins the others in the front entrance of the Animal… Read More

Robert D. Josserand – 2006 Recipient
Robert D Josserand was born in Pratt, Kansas on June 24, 1931. He graduated from Colorado State University in 1953 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. He served as President of Pro Cattle Company from September, 1973 to December, 1979… Read More

Merlyn Carlson – 2005 Recipient
Ag Secretary Mike Johanns announced May 16 the appointment of Merlyn Carlson as the deputy under secretary for USDA Natural Resources and Environment. Carlson will begin his new duties on June 13, 2005. Merlyn Carlson was appointed director … Read More

Bob Shideler – 2004 Recipient
Bob is a native Coloradoan. He enrolled at Colorado A&M in the Fall of 1941. World War II interrupted his schooling and her served 2 years int he Navy, serving in the South Pacific Theater, which included Okinawa, Iowa, Jima and the Philippines… Read More

Jack Maddux – 2003 Recipient
Jack Maddux is a third generation cattleman from Wauneta, Nebraska, is manager of the family ranch operation that his family established over a hundred years ago. Maddux graduated from CSU in 1953 and served a tour of duty as an Air Force Pilot… Read More

Chuck Sylvester – 2002 Recipient
Charles Walter Sylvester Jr. was born in Greeley, Colorado in 1937. He is the fourth generation Sylvester raised on the family farm, located right along the South Platte River in LaSalle. He served as General Manager of the National Western… Read More

Don Ament – 2001 Recipient
Don Ament is a farmer and rancher in Northeast Colorado. After 12 years in the Colorado General Assembly, Don was appointed as Commissioner of Agriculture in 1999. Nationally, Ament chaired the American Legislative Exchange Council’s… Read More

John Matsushima – 2000 Recipient
Dr. John Matsushima, a Colorado native and Professor Emeritus in the Department of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University, has dedicated his life to serving Colorado’s livestock industry. During his distinguished academic career… Read More

Topper Thorpe – 1999 Recipient
Topper Thorpe served as executive vice president of Cattle Fax to provide the beef industry with timely market information. His creative ability and personal attention has provided valuable management information to a national audience… Read More

Jay Hickert – 1998 Recipient
Jay Hickert is a cattle feeder, rancher and farmer who, with his sons has expanded their operation to include feedlots in Nebraska. Jay has been involved in commercial banking and oil production, and has served in a leadership position with both bands… Read More

Jeanne & Miles Davies – 1997 Recipients
Jeanne and Miles Davies, leaders in Colorado’s agricultural industry, represent the proud Western tradition of family, livestock and community service. Both continue to give much of themselves to local, state and national organizations and to… Read More

Nick Petry – 1996 Recipient
Stockman, businessman, community leader- all of these terms accurately describe Nick Petry. Under Nick’s leadership, the national Western Stock Show is recognized as the premiere livestock event of its kind. Nick is a lifelong supporter of the… Read More

Perry Blach – 1995 Recipient
Perry Blach is a family man, cattleman, and supporter of Colorado State University. Following graduation from Colorado State, he returned to his Yuma ranch to raise Hereford cattle and a family of nine children, all of whom attended… Read More

Ed & Marilyn Hansen – 1994 Recipients
Ed and Marilyn Hansen represent the proud Western tradition of family, livestock and caring for one’s fellow and community. They have given time and support to the beef cattle industry and to Colorado State University. The Livestock Leaders… Read More

Don & Donna Norgren – 1993 Recipients
Don and Donna Norgen have a long and distinguished history of support for the Colorado livestock industry. They have been active in the Hereford business at the state and national levels and their service to the National Western is extraordinary… Read More

Sally Forbes – 1992 Recipient
Her role in the creation and development of the Red Angus breed of cattle. Her outspoken advocacy of performance breeding. Her contributions to the education of cattle producers in the principles of performance breeding and functionality… Read More

Robert C. Norris – 1991 Recipient
His role as cowman, horseman, rancher, and entrepreneur. His contribution to Colorado State University with special emphasis on his role in the building of the new Equine Teaching and Research Center. His leadership in various livestock organizations… Read More

Ben Houston – 1990 Recipient
His long association with the beef cattle industry and in particular his role in breeding Angus and Brangus cattle. His leadership roles as President of the National Western Stock Show, President of Colorado Cattle Feeders, member of National Beef… Read More

James P. “Tom” Camerlo, Jr. – 1989 Recipient
A highly successful Colorado Dairy Farmer and Businessman. A successful leader in State, Regional and National Dairy Marketing Cooperatives. Currently [in 1990] serving as President of Western Dairy farmer’s Cooperative, Inc. and the National… Read More

Ben Kettle – 1988 Recipient
His commitment to the beef cattle industry in Colorado and the United States. His success as a breeder of commercial and registered Hereford cattle. His role in the founding of and continual support of the Colorado Beef Improvement Program… Read More

Kenneth W. Monfort – 1987 Recipient
His world renowned leadership in Animal Agriculture – Including cattle feeding, packing and processing industry, meat merchandising and meat distribution. He influenced the pioneering movement of beef packing plants from… Read More

Howard “Stony” Stonaker – 1986 Recipient
His outstanding contributions to animal agriculture through the development of inbred lines, and subsequent crossing of lines of beef cattle. His pioneering efforts in the field of performance testing of beef cattle and the introduction of ultrasonics… Read More

George D. Young – 1976 Recipient
In recognition of his contributions to the livestock industry and improvements through breeding cattle. His well known success as a livestock breeder throughout Elbert County and the surrounding area. His operation being the oldest in Colorado under… Read More

Field Bohart – 1973 Recipient
Public and private service to Colorado agriculture and the beef cattle industry in particular, service which has not only improved the quality of livestock produced in the state but has also improved the living conditions for numerous families… Read More

David C. Rice, Jr. – 1972 Recipient
His professional and personal contributions, not only to the cattle industry but to agriculture as a whole, through the development of strong organizations which provide effective support for the agricultural industry in the State of Colorado… Read More

William D. Farr – 1971 Recipient
His outstanding contributions to the livestock industry through his participation in national, state and local organizations. His personal accomplishments in farming, ranching and cattle feeding during the past 42 years in the Greeley, Colorado… Read More

Nate Patton – 1970 Recipient
His interest and support of sound cattle improvement methods and range management practices as exemplified in his own operation. His contributions through civic participation and leadership in livestock and grazing associations on national… Read More

Paul W. Swisher – 1969 Recipient
His outstanding record of service and devotion to the livestock industry of the state. His efforts in organizing and establishing the Colorado Department of Agriculture and seventeen years of meritorious leadership as Commissioner of that Department… Read More

Warrem Monfort – 1968 Recipient
For foresight and courage in pioneering in a large commercial cattle feeding operation. For confidence in the livestock industry as evidenced by his investment in a large modern cattle and lamb slaughtering and fabricating plant. For devoted service… Read More

Farrington R. Carpenter – 1967 Recipient
For extraordinary work toward beef improvement, better ranching and a stronger livestock industry. For cooperation in and numerous contributions to agricultural research in Colorado. For public service to his neighbors, community… Read More

Donald M. Hamil – 1966 Recipient
For outstanding contribution and achievement in agriculture, livestock feeding and marketing. For unselfish effort in the livestock industry on behalf of others and the State of Colorado. For pioneering improvements in the rural areas of his community… Read More

Leonard Horn – 1965 Recipient
For his nationally recognized efforts toward improving the productivity and efficient use of both public and private lands. For his extensive leadership in livestock and agricultural organizations at national, state and county labels… Read More

James Henry – 1964 Recipient
For outstanding contributions to the livestock industry and to agriculture through many county, regional and state organizations and institutions. For his personal success in developing a model irrigated farming and livestock operation which produces… Read More

H.G. Berthleson – 1963 Recipient
For his unselfish contributions to the livestock industry of Colorado and the nation through local, state and national organizations. For his personal accomplishments in agriculture from a modest beginning on his father’s homestead in Wyoming… Read More

L.A. Biddle – 1962 Recipient
Since establishing his purebred Brown Swiss herd in 1938, he has provided the leadership, enthusiasm, and incentive for many persons to get started in the dairy business, without thought of profit to himself and frequently at considerable sacrifice… Read More

John C. Holtorf – 1961 Recipient
Mr. Holtorf was graduated from Sterling High School in 1925 and attended Colorado State University from 1925 to 1929, where he majored in animal husbandry. He began ranching on the Buffalo Springs Ranch in 1930. Since buying that ranch in 1942, he has expanded the operation until it now [in 1961] comprises 7,000 acres… Read More

Robert B. Broad – 1960 Recipient
No biography available.

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