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Animal and Equine Science

Our Mission

The Department of Animal Sciences has the unique mission of serving Colorado’s large and diverse livestock industries. Research, teaching and extension outreach activities in the Department of Animal Sciences focus on developing industry leaders and improving profitable production of horses and food animals through the application of science and technology, resource management and food product enhancement, with emphasis on addressing societal issues concerning food safety, product quality and value, animal care and management, and environmental impacts of animal agriculture.

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Our History

The fact that we have graduated over 7,000 students who have had a positive impact on the livestock industry generates an expectation for the future graduates from CSU. We have developed a reputation for serving the beef cattle industry, the horse industry, as well as food safety and animal care. We are now expected to continue to provide information, train, and educate students that serve this great industry. As a department we have been problem solvers and our students continue to reflect that attitude. Because we are a Land Grant Institute, we are the people’s university with programs to solve real life problems and to train students that will make positive contributions to society.

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Our Faculty

What sets our faculty above the rest is their interaction with our students. It is not uncommon for our professors to be found advising students in their office all day and then finishing their work at night. Our faculty is dedicated to the student by giving them all available opportunities. Not only is this team dedicated to the students, they are dedicated to what they believe in. Every professor has a strong tie to the agricultural industry, and serves on many boards, committees, or associations beyond their professional work in Animal Sciences. As a whole, our faculty strives every day to make a substantial impact on our student and our industry.

Our Students

In all of our students you will see a strong passion for what they are learning. All classes are designed to not only provide students with information, but to also set them up for how to use that information in the workforce. When a student says they are studying in the Department of Animal Sciences, they are doing much more. From being out in the yards practicing how to AI a cow, too traveling across the country for a horse judging competition, our students have the opportunity to experience all breadths of the animal industry. By the time our students graduate, they are knowledgeable, committed, flexible, and enthusiastic to be in this competitive workforce.

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