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Annual Beef Improvement Center Bull Sale



Breeding & Genetics

2015 Sale Results

Many of these bulls will make great calving ease sires with over three-quarters having negative birth weight EPDs and over 80% having a positive calving ease EPD. As a whole the bull calves in this test had an average birth weight of 77 pounds with an average calving ease EPD of +2.7! For those producers at high elevation, over half of the bulls have a PAP lower than 43 mm Hg. While the focus of our breeding program has always been on producing animals that are adapted to range environments with cows that have long, productive lifespans with annual calving, we also realize our cattle must perform in the feedlot and ultimately result in a product that satisfies the consumer. To monitor our progress in this area, the steers from our herd are retained and fed at the Eastern Colorado Research Center with carcass data collected at harvest. The last group of steers we harvested graded over 90% Choice and 7.2% Prime with an average USDA yield grade of 3.1! We have also spent considerable effort producing bulls whose female replacement offspring will stay in your herd, producing calves every year. Every bull in this year’s sale except one has a positive stayability EPD. As we move forward with a focus on producer profitability, we are leveraging the feed intake unit near the CSU campus to measure feed intake on steers from the ranch as well. This effort will focus on improving feed utilization characteristics of the herd, with the goal of improving both cow and feedlot efficiency. We continue to produce within-herd EPD calculated at CSU’s Center for Genetic Evaluation of Livestock. These EPD are based on animal pedigree and performance data collected from within this herd and for use within this program. They are not comparable to EPD from other breed associations.

2015 Sale Catalog

Enclosed are the final results for the 2014 yearling bulls on test at the One Bar Eleven, Colorado State University John E. Rouse Beef Improvement Center. These bull calves were weaned September 29 and then went on test November 7 at an average weight of 667 lbs. The average daily gain over the 120 day test was 3.6 lbs per day. These bulls were selected at weaning and represent what we consider the best third of our bull calves. For more information: View the 29th Annual BIC Bull Sale catalog or view the EPD Performance sheet.

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