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Agricultural & Resource Economics
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Agricultural and Resource Economics

We are a multifaceted group of dedicated scholars solving the world’s most wicked challenges like managing the world’s food supply and enhancing societal well-being. Our graduates find themselves in the capitol, classroom, board room, on farms, in the forest, and in processing plants where they are changing, influencing, and implementing practical solutions for our food supply and economy. Join us and become part of the educational revolution happening in the Department of Agricultural and Resources Economics.

Research and Engagement

Our research investigates complex questions to more fully understand how policy, environment, and access to resources impact food production. Our students work alongside our primary investigators and industry partners to gain hands-on skills necessary for a successful career in agricultural sciences. We take our work seriously because we know our research touches everyone whether locally, nationally or globally.

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Story of Impact

Omar Roman

Omar Roman, a first-generation student brings generations of knowledge and experience to his agribusiness major. Growing up immersed in farming, Omar understands his upbringing will both enhance his agribusiness studies and enable him to continue his family’s agricultural tradition.

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Upcoming Department Events

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Agricultural and Resource Economics Degrees and Programs

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