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Soil and Crop Sciences

Every day, we are working on the critical science and technology necessary to meet the demands of future sustainable food systems. We are actively engaged in developing strategies to reverse climate change by integrating complex soil regeneration systems, leveraging genetics to develop resilient crops, and optimizing water conservation through data collection and analytics. Together, we are transforming environmental challenges into opportunities to reimagine how we feed a rapidly changing world and restore our fragile planet.

Research and Engagement

We leverage our expertise in plant genetics, ecosystem management, and soil science to transform environmental challenges into technological opportunities and sustainable agricultural practices. Our collaborative faculty engage our students, industry, and government stakeholders to fulfill Colorado’s growing needs.

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Story of Impact

Patti Vail

Planting a seed is more than just growing a plant, it’s a statement of hope and commitment to our future. First-generation graduate Patti Vail was at a pivotal moment when she joined Soil and Crop Sciences, having recently overcome personal struggles. By planting those first few hopeful seeds, Patti found success in her studies and the support and encouragement she needed to blossom into the scientist she has become.

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Upcoming Department Events

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Soil and Crop Sciences Degrees and Programs

Contact the Department

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Bldg.: Plant Sciences C127
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