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The Nutrition Program course work is an interdisciplinary program encompassing several departments including: Animal Science, Food Science, Environmental Health, Physiology, Biochemistry, Exercise and Sports Science, Soil and Crop Science, Rangeland Ecosystem Science, and Microbiology. The program offers several graduate nutrition courses in both the applied and basic sciences. Courses include, applied animal nutrition, nutritional energetics, rumen metabolism, mineral and vitamin metabolism, lipid and protein metabolism, zoo and companion animal nutrition, equine nutrition, cellular biochemistry, advanced cell biology, techniques in molecular biology and genetics, equipment and instrumentation, laboratory methods, theory and practice of animal biotechnology, metabolism, waste management and range management. The Nutrition Program is committed to providing quality animal nutrition research and education in the State of Colorado by integrating resources, expertise, and outreach programs across departments, colleges and universities. The program strives to: improve nutrient utilization in animal production systems; enhance animal health and well-being; increase production efficiency and product quality and safety; integrate grazing management and nutrient supplementation with forage availability and quality; reduce the environmental impacts of animal production systems and; explore the dynamics of how feedstuffs affect animal metabolism. The program offers several graduate nutrition courses in both the applied and basic sciences. The Department of Animal Sciences’s Nutrition program is comprised of faculty members whose disciplines include animal and nutritional energetics, whole animal and rumen metabolism, rumen microbiology, feedlot nutrition, heifer development, cow-calf nutrition, alternative livestock and captive animal nutrition, equine nutrition, nutritional biochemistry, and mineral and vitamin metabolism. For more information: View Undergraduate and Graduate courses for the Nutrition Program.

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