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Animal Sciences Graduate Students

Meet Our Graduate Students

Our graduate students are in some of the most up and coming research from around the world. We pride ourselves in having a diverse set of individuals with skills sets in all areas.

Andrea Loudenback

Andrea Loudenback started her Ph.D. in Animal Sciences at CSU in May of 2022 shortly after finishing her master’s in the department of Animal Sciences. Before coming to CSU she received a BS in Animal Sciences and Marine Biology from the University of Minnesota. While at Minnesota, Andrea discovered her interest in sustainable cropping and livestock systems through independent research opportunities. Her current research focuses on the sustainability of beef and dairy agroecosystems and utilizes life cycle assessments and different modeling software. Andrea is especially interested in the intersection of quantitative and qualitative efforts as they pertain to the sustainability of our food and agricultural systems. Her dissertation work focuses on developing SMART foodscape systems in conjunction with working groups at Utah State and University of Lincoln in New Zealand, net zero dairy production in the United States, and life cycle assessments and costing analyses of a cow-calf operation in Florida.

Andrea Loudenback
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