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Department of Animal Sciences: John E. Rouse Beef Improvement Center



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Additive genetic parameter estimates for heifer pregnancy and subsequent reproduction in Angus females
Author: Dr. Milt Thomas

A primary objective of this study was to determine whether the binary traits heifer pregnancy (HP) and subsequent rebreeding (SR) were heritable in an experimental population of Angus cattle. A second objective was to determine the nature of the… Read More


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Administration of a GnRH analog on day 9 of a 14-day controlled internal drug release insert with timed artificial insemination in lactating beef cows
Author: Dr. Jason Ahola

Many estrus synchronization protocols aim to induce a new follicular wave to improve response and enhance pregnancy rate. Our objectives were to determine the effectiveness of GnRH analog administered d 0 and 9 during an extended controlled internal… Read More

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Effect of fish meal supplementation on plasma and endometrial fatty acid composition in nonlactating beef cows
Author: Dr. Terry Engle

Seven nonlactating mature Angus cows (4 to 10 yr old) were used to examine the effects of fish meal supplementation on plasma and endometrial fatty acid composition. Cows were fed a corn silage-based diet supplemented with either fish meal, a rich source of the n−3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoate and docosahexaenoate… Read More


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Examination of potential methods to predict pulmonary arterial pressure score in yearling beef cattle
Author: Dr. Mark Enns

Susceptibility of beef cattle to high altitude disease (HAD) is of major importance to economic and genetic selection on high elevation ranches. However, currently the best indicator of HAD susceptibility is the pulmonary arterial pressure (PAP) test, a test with high cost and invasive nature. Therefore, 2 experiments were undertaken to determine… Read More


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Within-herd genetic analyses of stayability of beef females
Author: Dr. Jack Whittier

Nonlinear mixed-model procedures for analysis of binary data were used to estimate heritability (h 2), predict individual genetic merit, and determine genetic and environmental trends for four measures of stayability of beef females. Traits considered were probabilities of a female having… Read More

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