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Animal Sciences Undergraduate Academic Programs

Two Programs and One Education

Animal and Equine Science

Undergraduate Academic Programs

The Department of Animal Sciences offers two distinct majors: Animal Science and Equine Science. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Undergraduate Coordinator, Laura Bonner, at (970) 491-5177 or at

Animal Science Program

Students majoring in Animal Science, food animals, are provided with an industry-oriented, science-based education that prepares them for careers in animal agriculture or one of many industries associated with livestock production. The curriculum focuses on the study of food-producing animals and includes foundation courses in the sciences. Students also choose from specialized courses to enhance their technical, practical, and business skills in topics related to various aspects of production, marketing, and processing of livestock and their products (Course Requirements).

Equine Science Program

The Equine Science major prepares students to serve the many needs of a growing industry and focuses on providing students with an in-depth scientific knowledge of the varied functions of the horse and how to relate those scientific principles to the industry. Equine Science majors have the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of the horse as it relates to business, recreational, and production aspects of the industry. Currently, CSU has the most comprehensive equine program in the U.S. with major efforts in research, teaching, and public service, Course Requirements. Visit for more information.

Learning Outcomes

Successful Animal Science students will demonstrate: Broad-based understanding of biological principles and develop the ability to incorporate the use of these principles into animal management systems; an understanding of business/economic principles and their application to food animal production systems; ability to critically evaluate industry and management issues; problem solving and leadership skills that enhance professional success.

Potential Occupations

Potential Animal Science occupations include: managers of production units such as ranches, feedlots, and dairy farms; sales representative for feed companies, pharmaceutical firms, and livestock service organizations; organizational groups/associations such as breed organizations, clientele groups, and branded beef companies; cooperative extension and other educational positions; graduate and professional schools.

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