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Learning Outside of Campus


Animal & Equine Science

Internships play an important role in building skills, industry connections and helping you to find out what it is you are truly passionate about!

Below are the required forms and examples of current internships that are available to students.



The Internship Program in the Department of Animal Sciences was initiated in 1971. This voluntary experiential learning opportunity is targeted toward undergraduate students who have interest in gaining additional off-campus, hands-on experiences and/or to explore career possibilities. Up to six credit hours can be earned toward graduation requirements and 45 hours of work are required per credit. Students make all the arrangements for their internship including finding and contacting a Cooperator. Resources are readily available to assist in this process. Prior to enrolling in the course, ANEQ 487A or ANEQ 487B, the following must be approved and completed by the Program Coordinator: Learning Agreement. Internships can be conducted any time of the year, e.g., during each semester, on weekends, during the summer, or during holiday breaks.

Are you a business or organization wanting to establish an internship? For more information: View the Cooperator Establishment of Internship page.

How am I graded?
The program coordinator has the primary responsibility of evaluating the internship experience. Evaluation forms will be sent to the student, the On-Campus Supervisor and the Cooperator. The On-Campus Supervisor will recommend the grade of either an “S” or “U.” The final grade will be based on the evaluations and the recommendation from the OCS.


Who is an On-Campus Supervisor?
The On-Campus Supervisor can be any faculty member in Equine or Animal Science. The student is responsible for selecting the On-­Campus Supervisor. The Program Coordinator cannot serve as the OCS. The faculty member should also be on campus during the term they supervise.


I have a place to do an internship, now what?
Meet with your advisor.


I did an internship at the community college I transferred from; may I use that for CSU credit?
No, a student must complete an internship while they are a student at Colorado State University.


I worked this past summer at a farm; may I turn that into an internship?
No, a student must be registered for the internship prior to completing the internship.


Are internships paid?
Internships may be paid or unpaid. Some internships will cover room and board; some will provide a small stipend while others will just provide the experience. This is to be discussed between the student and the cooperator.


How do I register for an internship?
Once a student has completed and turned in ALL the paperwork necessary for the internship, two weeks prior to the start date, the Internship Coordinator will complete an override for the student to register. The Coordinator will then email the student letting them know they may register (internship must be approved). The student must type in the number of credits they would like to receive on the variable credit course otherwise the computer will default to 1 credit.


Who do I turn my packet into? 

The final packet will need to be submitted to Laura Bonner, Animal Science, or Tiare Santistevan, Equine Science. The packet must be handed in in person or scanned into a PDF file.

Harper Feeders Daily Operations Internship

Harper Feeders is offering an internship this fall. Harper Feeders is a sheep and cattle feedlot located in Eaton, Colorado. Harper Feeders is a family-owned business, starting in 1977 with a small sheep lot, which has expanded over the years. In 2006, a small cattle lot was added to diversify the operation. The fall season is the busiest time of year for the sheep industry in terms of the feeding sector. Over 90% of our inventory is brought in between September and October. This will be a full-time commitment, but can be flexible with online classes. Individuals will be asked to help with daily operations at the feedlot including, livestock handling of sheep and cattle, vaccinating, sorting, movements, feed and water management and pen maintenance, tasks will vary depending on the day. The Harper’s are seeking reliable, self-motivated individuals with good communication skills. This internship offers hourly pay and housing potential.
For more details or to apply send your resume and cover letter to with the subject line “Harper Feeders Internship Application.”

United Fresh Produce Association Internship 

Consider applying for a summer internship at the United Fresh Produce Association, the national trade association for the fresh produce industry, located three blocks from the White House. Get a glimpse into how federal food safety policy is developed, how food borne illness outbreaks are handled, and how science and education promote the implementation of risk-based preventive approaches by the industry. Job posting –

Haygard Equine Medical Institute Internship

Applications for the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute internship are due to Jamie O’Flynn at Hagyard no later than October 1, for the Spring 2021 semester. Please share with your students that there will be an informational meeting via WebEx on Wednesday, September 23 at 3pm MST.  The info to join the meeting is below. Attached is a flyer about the internships at Hagyard. This internship is excellent for students interested in equine management, reproduction, veterinary medicine. This internship is not limited to Equine Science students so please share with students in Animal Sciences. A student applying does need to have horse handling experience. This is also a great internship for students to enhance their communication skills as they talk to clients and veterinarians. They do take recent graduates as well so if you have a student that is graduating this fall and does not know what they plan to do in the spring but want an avenue to explore equine opportunities this may be something for them.

Why consider Hagyard for an internship? Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. A very high veterinary caseload provides for ample hands-on learning. Students take the information and skills they are learning in the classroom and apply that information in a real-world setting.
  2. Hagyard has been in business for over 140 years and we’ve been offering internships since the 1940’s. The Veterinary Assistant Internship started in 2008 and we’ve had just under 300 students complete the program.
  3. This is a paid internship with a formal orientation.
  4. Continuing education is provided and great networking opportunities.
  5. HAGYARD Veterinary Assistant Internships

Kentucky Equine Management Internship

The Kentucky Equine Management Internship program is dedicated to improving the opportunities for college students wishing to pursue a career in the field of equine management. KEMI offers a comprehensive educational experience for students enrolled for academic credit through a sponsoring college or university, or for recent graduates of such institutions.

Through the internship, students integrate academic studies with practical experience, leadership and responsibility as a contributing participant on a Central Kentucky horse farm. Aside from farm commitments, students are introduced into a network of equine professionals representing multifaceted careers in the equine profession. During the first week of the course, students participate in orientation activities as a group. After the first week, students are employed full-time by participating farms where they become familiar with the day-to-day management of horses on commercial thoroughbred farms.

National Western Stock Show Internships

Are you interested in participating in one of the BEST internship experiences you can get? It’s all about meeting people in the industry and being involved at the National Western Stock Show! As an Intern during Stock Show, you will put in long hours, but what you gain in experience is well worth the time and effort. All majors and years in school are welcome to apply. For a full description of the internships, please read on!

Whitestone Farm Internship

Whitestone Farm is still looking for our next interns! Although we understand that many students are participating in online classes, we hope that this email can still reach them through their wonderful academic advis​ors and professors! In understanding of the social distancing restrictions, our interview process is currently via email and Skype. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Whitestone Farm LLC is committed to providing safe care to all horses and people. While we have closed the facility and its surrounding areas to the public, we are still looking to hire our next inter​ns! With apartments located ON-SITE for all interns, staying safe and getting this amazing opportunity is as easy as ever. As the uncertainty of COVID-19 continues to grow, Whitestone Farm is offering a wonderful PAID educational opportunity that CAN and SHOULD be taken advantage of!! Whether you are already a budding professional, or have NO horse experience at all, we have educational packages designed to take YOU to the next level! We have provided successful internships and job placements for hundreds of candidates. Whitestone is always looking to provide educational opportunities to help the next outstanding individual pave their way into their dream career path! Please see the attached flyer that has all of our amazing internship opportunities outlined in greater detail!

Whitestone Farm Internship Opportunity 20.20

Front Range Exceptional Equestrians Internship

Please see the attached link for a description of the internship.

If you are interested in applying please submit a copy of your resume to

Intern Front Range Exceptional Equestrians


No Where But UP Performance HorsesNo Where But UP Performance Horses Internship

No Where But UP Performance Horses is still looking to fill some summer intern positions. No Where But Up


Our internship program is designed to provide rehabilitation training that focuses on native Florida wildlife. With this
training, the intern will be able to participate in actual patient care and practice hands-on wildlife rehabilitation skills.
Upon successful completion of the internship, the intern will receive a certificate and documentation of the hours of
service performed. The experience gained from the immersion into the world of wildlife rehabilitation and animal
husbandry is extremely beneficial to those who are contemplating careers in the fields of veterinary medicine, wildlife
management, wildlife rehabilitation, biology, or zoology. ECWR Internship 2020

Granada Farms is currently seeking four individuals interested in a paid internship as a foaling/breeding technician for the 2021 breeding season. The internship is from January 11th– May. Applications will be accepted through November 30th.

Granada Farms is an equine breeding facility involved in the quarter horse racing industry. We also work with a number of other breeds and registries. Throughout this internship you will gain hands on experience in the following areas: stallion collection, insemination of mares, post breeding treatments, routine veterinary work for mares and foals, and various other duties that arise. The individual will also be exposed to the application of embryo transfer. Opportunities for research exist if a paper is required by your school for fulfilling the terms of your internship.

Applicants should have completed a reproduction class and should have a desire to learn and be willing to work six days a week from 8-5. You must have your own transportation and living arrangements. Please submit a resume and cover letter telling us a little bit about you and why you are interested in the reproduction internship.

Applications may be faxed to (979) 828-5902 or please email them to

For further information please contact:

Dr. Mark Nevil , Resident Veterinarian

Lauren Eldenburg , Breeding Manager

Granada Farms

PO Box 70 / 11366 E OSR

Wheelock, TX 77882

(979) 828-5167

We have a herd of  17 well-trained horses, we’re hoping to grow that by 5-8. We are very cautious about only having quality horses. What we’re looking for is a student that is in the program that works with the colts for the Legends of Ranching sale. A fun aspect is that we’re hoping to purchase one or two of those colts so there’s the potential to continue with what they started! The student’s job at the ranch would be cleaning the barn, taking trail rides with our partners, and exercising the horses. Our manager and I will provide supervision as well as help with training of the horses. I’m also going to try and have a professional come in and give a day clinic as well. As for the end evaluation, we’re happy to do that! We provide housing and pay depending on experience. If you or any interested students have further questions please feel free to contact me at

I have attached a flyer below with all of the relevant information on it, but I will include a few highlights here. This is primarily a calving internship that spans from approximately January 15 – May 10th. It is a paid internship with housing provided. To apply, interested students should go to the Google form link listed on the flyer and fill out an application as well as attach their resume, cover letter, and three references. Any questions can be answered by emailing me at

SITZ Angus Internship

Intern Spotlight

Alejandra Navarro: So grateful for such an amazing experience and people. I got to learn so much as an intern at Vista Equine Colorado, LLC. I got to work with so many amazing mares, foals, stallions, yearlings, and people! Every single staff member is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to teach patiently. I’m sad for the experience to come to an end but forever grateful for all the knowledge and friends I gained. I highly encourage students interested in breeding and sales prep to become interns at Vista Equine Colorado, LLC. They truly have an outstanding program and staff.

Eleanor Cumming: This summer I had an awesome experience as an intern at the JBS Fed Beef Operation in Cactus, Texas. I had a great time gaining hands-on experience in the plant and learning about the various departments around the plant. I also enjoyed connecting with the other interns and employees there at the plant. Part of my internship was to work on a project, my project was focused on reducing absenteeism on the Fabrication floor. This project was very challenging due to the unprecedented current times. However, I enjoyed learning about all of the effects that high absenteeism has on yields, product quality, and company morale. My favorite part of my project was communicating and listening to the employees opinions and ideas on the issue and learning how I can help improve their workplace experience.

Kaden Groves: My experience working as a summer ranch hand intern for Black Leg Ranch is an opportunity that will go down in the books as being one of the most beneficial and eye-opening experiences I could have ever imagined. Being able to be a part of the Doan’s legacy for a couple of months helping with activities ranging from working cattle to machine operating is something that prior to this internship wasn’t very accessible to me. Overall, getting to spend a summer in some of the most lush and beautiful landscape a person can lay eyes on was great for me, and I know that everything I have learned this summer will help me develop my skills not only in the professional world, but also as a student and overall person.





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