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Breeding & Genetics

If you would like to apply for our internship, or need more information please contact: Mark Enns at or (970) 491-2722 or Lindsey Noreen at or (307) 327-5339.

Madeline Robinson, 2012 Intern: “Being an intern at the Beef Improvement Center has been one of the best experiences of my college career. I was a summer through fall intern and this internship has had a lot of hands on experience with managing cattle and ranching practices. A few of the skills that I have developed while being an intern have been how to operate a tractor, drive a windrower and raking hay during the task of haying. Other tasks that I have done at the Rouse Ranch have been continuously checking and occasionally build or repair both electric and barber wire fence. While this was my least favorite part of the internship, especially when I was bitten by the electric fence, it was miniscule when compared to being able to help out with the estrous synchronization, the AI breeding and ultra-sounding of the herd. Then there is always the job of checking cows, heifers and bulls to make sure that they remain in their designated pastures. At the beginning of my internship I was able to help with tagging and weighing new born calves, along with vaccinating and branding calves. Most of all what I will remember about this internship was being able to work with and meet some of the nicest and funniest people ever and always having a great time at work. Mike and Lindsey have been the greatest people to work for. They are always more than willing to teach you and are very patient in doing so. The BIC is a great place to work for anyone who is interested in cattle and the ranching way of life. Plus it is located in some of the prettiest mountainous country around Saratoga, Wyoming and is a great get-a-way place from the city.”

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