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We offer important computational research support for the College of Agricultural Sciences faculty, research staff, and graduate student researchers. Our team is composed of faculty advisors and bioinformatics research scientists. We are here to support your research goals and data analysis needs.

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Consultant

Chanda Trivedi

Chanda Trivedi, Ph.D.

Dr. Trivedi is our primary bioinformatics research scientist. 


B.S. in Forestry, M.S. in Forestry, Ph.D. in Microbial Ecology, Postdoctoral experience in Microbiome Science, Agricultural Science.



  • Bioinformatic processing of high-throughput shotgun metagenomic and amplicon DNA sequence data.
  • Multivariate and univariate statistical analysis related to metagenomics.
  • Statistical analysis in R, SPSS, SAS.
  • Molecular microbiology laboratory techniques including library preparation for Illumina sequencing, PCR, qPCR, TRFLP, DNA extraction, electrophoresis, DNA quantification.
  • Soil and nutrient laboratory analysis techniques including nitrogen and phosphorus colorimetric assays, TOC/TN analysis, CHN analysis, nutrient digests, radioactive isotope analyses, HPLC,
    basic soil assays, soil microbial catabolic response profiling, soil enzymes.
  • Experimental design, plant growth and harvesting, plant in vitro culture
  • Bacterial culture and transformation, manual dissection using microscope, LiCore measurements
  • Lab management, budgeting, planning, problem solving, time and resources management
  • Graphical design

Faculty Advisor Team

Amy Charkowski

Plant Pathology
Professor and Department Head

Todd Gaines

Molecular Weed Science
Associate Professor

Jan Leach

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions
Associate Dean for Research, CAS University Distinguished Professor

Jessica Metcalf

Microbial Ecology
Associate Professor

Jessica Prenni

Agricultural Chemistry
Associate Professor