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Uranium paper

July 2017 – The Borch group’s recent uranium paper published in Nature Communications was featured as a Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource Science Highlight.  (See details)

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A new twist on uranium’s origin story!

June 2017 – Dr. Borch’s group published a paper in Nature Communications.  Scientists sampled a 650-foot deep sediment core from roll-front uranium deposits at an unmined site at Wyoming’s Smith Ranch Highlands. By characterizing the mineralogical and microbial composition of the sample, Dr. Borch team discovered a new form of biologically produced uranium…(See details)

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A New Published Paper

Mar 2016 – Past member Georgina A. McKee and Dr. Borch published a new paper on Biogeochemistry: An integrated spectroscopic and wet chemical approach to investigate grass litter decomposition chemistry (more details).

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