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Denali Morkis

Denali Morkis

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Growing up on the west coast of Michigan with a propensity to travel, I feel fortunate to have experienced first-hand diverse natural and novel ecosystems. The transitioning landscapes I’ve experienced playing out around me at a macroscale, home and abroad, drove my interest towards environmental sustainability and the chemistry that underlies all the processes and interactions. I have recently completed my bachelor’s degree in environmental science at Central Michigan University, with research focusing on the geochemistry of secondary pollutants originating from historic gold mining practices in the subarctic.

I am now a first-year graduate student in Thomas Borch’s lab group, currently focused on improving characterization of organic matter and mineral surface interactions in the critical zone.

In my free time I enjoy backpacking and hiking, playing guitar and singing, reading experimental literature, cooking extravaganzas, and casually learning more about plant IDs in local environments.

Feel free to reach out for any reason!

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