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Baylee Schell

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I am a Fort Collins native who has always aspired to be a CSU ram. In high school, I attended Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins, where I earned two Associate’s Degrees. Currently, I am an ACS-certified chemistry and environmental health double major with a minor in food science and safety. I am also involved in the University Honors Program as well as Honors Undergraduate Research Scholars. I chose chemistry as my first major because of my high school chemistry teacher’s encouragement. Later, I decided to double major in environmental health because I wanted to learn real world applications of chemistry; I also have a strong interest in helping people and the environment.

Project Summary

I am currently working on the genotoxicity side of Molly McLaughlin’s project. This project’s main goal is to quantify the toxicity of oil and gas produced water-impacted streams from a remote Wyoming well field. I help by conducting yeast growth viability bioassays and yeast growth curve tests. The yeast growth viability bioassays involve growing yeast in produced water solutions and then plating them in serial dilutions on yeast extract peptone dextrose (YPD) plates. These bioassays determine which concentration of produced water inhibits yeast growth (if any) and thus how toxic the sample is. The yeast growth curve tests also involve growing yeast in produced water solutions, but a spectrophotometer is used to determine quantitative growth rates and average generation times. Both the yeast growth viability bioassays and the yeast growth curve tests help inform Molly’s copy number variation (CNV) bioassays.

For more details about the research conducted in the Borch group please click here.

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