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Dr. Chunhui Fan

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I was born and raised in Tangyuan County, Heilongjiang Province, P. R. China, and received my bachelor’s degree in the Department of Agricultural Resources and Environment in Northeast Agricultural University (Harbin, China) in June, 2005. Three years later, I received my master’s degree in the Department of Ecology from Northeast Agricultural University. After receiving my Doctor’s degree, under the direction of Professor Zhang Ying, in the Department of Crop Ecology from Northeast Agricultural University in June, 2010, I worked as an assistant professor in the College of Resources and Environment in Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (Xi’an, China). Then I began my Postdoctoral Scientist position since November, 2010 in the research center of Light Industry Technology and Engineering in Shaanxi University of Science and Technology for three years with Professor Ding Shaolan. I worked as an associated professor in the College of Environmental Science and Engineering in Shaanxi University of Science and Technology since December, 2016. It is of great significance to investigate the environmental-related research, and it is excited and wonderful for me to engage in the work.

Project Summary

My primary interest is related to biogeochemistry, mainly focus on the contaminants transformation behavior and remediation mechanism in pedosphere, especially under the existing conditions of organic matters, eogenous or endogenous. I apply traditional chemical analysis methods and various instrumental analysis methods, including SEM, TEM, Raman, UV-Vis, NMR, ICP-AES, AAS, FT-IR, XRD, XPS, etc., into related research. I hope micromechanism of contaminants transformation could be attained to help improve the site remediation technology in pedosphere.


National Natural Science Foundation of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation of China Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology

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Selected Papers

Chunhui Fan, Bo Du, Yingchao Zhang, Shaolan Ding, Yalin Gao, Min Chang. Adsorption of lead on organo-mineral complexes isolated from loess in Northwestern China. Journal of Geochemical Exploration  (10.1016/j.gexplo.2016.02.012).
Ying Zhang, Chunhui Fan, Qingjuan Meng, Zhuo Diao, Limin Dong, Xinran Peng. Biosorption of Pb(II) by saccharomyces cerevisiae in static and dynamic adsorption tests. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 2009, 83(5): 708-712.
Chunhui Fan, Yingchao Zhang, Ying Zhang. Characteristics of Cu(II) removal by low-cost novel adsorbent of rice husk. Acta Chimica Sinica. 2010, 68(21): 2175-2180.
Ying Zhang, Chunhui Fan, Zhuo Diao, Xinran Peng, Xin Bai. Evaluation of water quality in Er-longshan reservoir by fuzzy model. Interdisciplinary Sciences Computational Life Sciences. 2009, 1(1): 30-39.
Chunhui Fan, Yingchao Zhang, Jiahong Wang. Effect of temperatures and lead ions on 3D-EEMs of dissolved organic matter (DOM) derived from straw humification. Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis. 2015, 35(11): 3117-3122.

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Previous Institutions

B.S., June, 2005, Northeast Agricultural University
Agricultural Resources and Environment (Environmental Protection)
M.S., June, 2008, Northeast Agricultural University
Ph.D., June, 2010, Northeast Agricultural University
Crop Ecology
Postdoctoral Fellowship, November, 2010-October, 2013
Shaanxi University of Science and Technology

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