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Dr. Rhoya Wei


Contact Info

Office phone: 970-491-5788

Room number/Building: C108, Plant Sciences Building


I grew up in Beijing, China.   When I was studying chemistry at high school,  I really liked the beauty of balancing chemical equations.  So I went to Beijing University of Chemical Technology to study Chemistry.  I was fortunate to continue my study and research in the field of analytical chemistry at  Nagoya University,  Japan after graduated from college.  I stayed in Japan for 8 years and enjoyed my life there.

It was the experience of learning and researching as an analytical chemist that I have received in Nagoya University led me to the path on which I am enjoying now.  It is challenging and I am trying to be a better ME through it.

Project Summary

I am working as the lab manager at Dr. Borch group.

For more details about the research conducted in the Borch group please click here.

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