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Marin Wiltse


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I grew up in Danbury, CT, and stayed along to East Coast for most of my life. I went to college at a small liberal arts university called Loyola University Maryland, which was in Baltimore, MD. I received my B.S. in Chemistry. I absolutely adored my department and got involved any way I could with tutoring, TAing, and eventually started a research project, where I investigated how glyphosate affected the heavy metal uptake in corn and soybeans. I fell in love with research, especially with environmental applications, and decided to continue the rush by attending CSU for my Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry. The Borch lab seemed like the perfect match since they are very interdisciplinary between chemistry and other science fields and are environmentally focused. Outside of chemistry, I enjoy hiking and kayaking, making Colorado the perfect place to move.

Project Summary

With pollution becoming a growing issue across the globe, it is important to find alternative ways to treat water safely that won’t endanger the health of the plants that will utilize it. As more and more water becomes polluted, less will be able to be used by the agriculture industry. It is critical that we begin to investigate sustainable solutions that are cost-effective. While in the Borch Lab, my project will focus on looking at the effects of alternative irrigation sources on soil and plant health. With a collaborative team, crossing numerous fields, we hope to use metabolomics, irrigations trails, ultrahigh-resolution mass spectrometry, and membrane filtration to create a sustainable solution that provides an irrigation alternative that not only is cost effective, but causes little damage to the soil and plant health.

For more details about the research conducted in the Borch group please click here.

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