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Yuheng Qiu

Yuheng Qiu

Yuheng Qiu’s Resume

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Knowing where is heading during navigation brings endless happiness. As a student majoring in Soil and Crop Sciences, I began my adventure ten years ago when I was in high school. At that time, I was totally fascinated by the charisma of chemistry and natural sciences. I study hard and let myself become a student whose concentration is agricultural sciences. Actually I am a transfer student from China, I finished my junior year in China and I exchanged to the CSU (Colorado State University) two years ago. Now it is my last year as an undergraduate student, I am looking forward to beginning my graduate study. CSU is an accredited and comprehensive research university located in Fort Collins, and I am very proud of as a CSU student in the last two years. In these two years, I learned a lot and got accustomed to the American university life. I can still remember the very first day when I was here; I even cannot understand what other students talk about. But now things are different, I believe I am eligible to do science research.

I plan to study for master in Soil and Crop sciences at CSU with specific interests in soil chemistry analyze, soil carbon and organic matter reaction with metallic elements or compounds. I feel happy when I am contemplating chemical reaction within soil particles; I hope I can make friends with them in the rest of my life. I did well in chemistry, mathematics and physics when I was a middle school student. I continued my science studies in the next few years and was admitted to a good university in China. I was exchanged to CSU two years ago, when I began my undergraduate career here, my English improved a lot and I was accustomed to the US university education. Moreover, I want to take more science courses so I chose chemistry as my minor. I study hard but never feel tired because all of the courses that I have taken are pretty enjoyable and enlightening for me. All of these make me want to pursue a graduate degree because I like science.

Apart from all of the science courses I have taken, I have also studied philosophy, public speaking, analytical writing…etc. Philosophy is so convoluted, all kinds of paradoxes and fallacies. However, I did well in my philosophy course because I think it is fun. Interests motivate me to study hard. Although it is not easy for a non-native speaker to give a speech in front of so many American by using English, I practice again and again to make myself more skilled and less nervous. I have never been good at English composition, but I keep revising my drafts until I feel satisfied with them.

Studying in the US helps me know it is tough to be a good student in university, but if you study hard, you will be the best one. Outside my university studies, I am a trilingual speaker. Chinese is my mother tongue, English is second language and Japanese is third. I have study English for approximately 15 years, Japanese is my avocation and I begin study Japanese five years ago. In addition, I am good at cooking Chinese food. I used to be a chief in my friends restaurant. I love cuisine and culinary things because everyone likes sumptuous food including me.

Science is everywhere, not only in the school, but in our normal life. As an undergraduate student, I wish I can go graduate school to continue my science study.  Science has always been a part of my life, and I am eager to dedicate my life to the science research.

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