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College Faculty and Staff Awards

Advising Award

2016 No recipient
2015 No recipient
2014 Addy Elliot-Soil and Crop Sciences
2013 James Pritchett-DARE
2012 Kellie Enns-DARE
Outstanding Research Award
2016 Meagan Schipanski-Soil and Crop Sciences
2015 Joleen Hadrich-DARE
2014 Dustin Pendell-DARE
2013 Stephan Kroll-DARE
2012 Craig Bond-DARE

Team Research Award

2016 Land Use and Greenhouse Gas Research Team
2015 Center for Meat Safety and Quality
2014 Wheat Breeding Program
2013 Colorado Potato Cultivar Development Team
2012 Water Team

Outstanding Service Award

2016 Joanna Holliday, ABC
2015 No recipient
2014 Brad Goetz-Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
2013 Dawn Thilmany-DARE
2012 Marshall Frasier-DARE

Lee Sommers Agricultural Sciences Distinguished Career Award

2015 Howard Schwartz, Bioag Sciences & Pest Management
2014 Temple Grandin, Animal Sciences
2013 John Sofos, Animal Sciences
2012 John Loomis, DARE
2011 Gary Peterson, Soil and Crop Sciences
2010 Dwayne Westfall, Soil and Crop Sciences
2009 Cecil Stushnoff, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

State Classified Distinguished Service Award

2010- Barb Brown
2011- Laura Bonner
2012- Janet Dill
2013- Jennifer “Jan” Iron

Administrative Professional Excellence Award

2010- Jessi Fuentes
2011- Jan Nayes
2012- Frank Johnson
2013- Maggie Hirko

Distinguished Research Associate Award

2010- John McGinley
2011- Emily Hudson
2012- Elizabeth Neil
2013- David Staats

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