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⚠️ Information and Updates Regarding COVID-19's Impact on the College of Agricultural Sciences

Fundraising Priorities Overview

The College of Agricultural Sciences and the Agricultural Experiment Station at Colorado State University are opening doors and pulling out chairs to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table. Come to the Table with us as we work toward advancements in:

  • Conducting innovative research.
  • Collaborating with community and industry partners.
  • Providing enriching learning experiences.
  • Engaging stakeholders.
  • Diversifying landscapes and horizons.

Invest in the future of agriculture by investing in one of our key focus areas:

  • Student Success
  • Research and Faculty Support
  • Capital Projects

Please contact the College of Agricultural Sciences Development Office to discuss your philanthropic interests.

We invite you to become part of the Aggie tradition by making a GIFT today to your area of passion and/or one of our funding priorities below.

Fundraising Priorities - Student Support

The College of Agricultural Sciences is preparing our students to tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges, including food security and resource stewardship.

Scholarships support students in stepping beyond educational norms, to understand there are no limits to imagination and to lead us all to the world’s next agricultural breakthroughs.

With your contributions to student success, you will provide needed access to education and attract outstanding students to CSU.

Please contact the College of Agricultural Sciences Development Office to discuss your philanthropic interests

Research and Faculty Support

Supporting endowed faculty positions is vital for recruiting, rewarding, and retaining the best scholars and leaders who strengthen our programs and reputation. Faculty within the College of Agricultural Sciences generate research and lead programs that transform our world, including the lives of our students and community partners.

The impact a faculty member can make on a student leads to a continuous stream of accomplishments. Students take what they experience through classes, internships, and world-class education into the real world, advancing industry and creating opportunity for generations to come.

Capital Projects

Innovation starts with a foundation. We welcome you to join us in exploration. Our inviting spaces offer the freedom to create, discover, learn, and collaborate around the world’s most pressing issues. Using advanced technology and systems, we provide renowned research and education, as well as resources for people from all walks of life to learn, grow, and find community.

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