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Trial Updates

Winter Wheat

Winter wheat trial notes 2021-2022 

Last Updated on April 29th 


All trial sites are marked in Google maps and can be found here, and if you are planning to visit the trials during the growing season, please email Sally to get plot maps at 

Akron: Planted Sept. 27th about 2” deep, ground moist down to 3”.  Hard soil and shovels down at planting to get to moisture. Poor emergence in fall, what emerged had good growth.  Mid-April top 3″ of soil is dry, and plants are trying to emerge that didn’t come up in the fall.  Erratic stands and uneven growth. 

Arapahoe: Loose soil.  Planted into moisture and acceptable fall stands with some areas of spotty emergence.  In mid-April it was showing some drought stress and needs moisture.  Not jointing. 

Burlington: Planted into moisture.  Excellent stands and good growth in the fall. In mid-April top 5″ of soil was dry.  Just starting to show a little drought stress.  Not jointed. 

Burlington Irr.:  Some moisture below 2”. Heavy corn residue. Follow-up tillage pass. Good fall stands, not much growth.  Not jointed by mid-April, good subsoil moisture.  Volunteer wheat across the trial.   

Fort Collins Irr: Ground was pre and post irrigated.  Good stands and average fall growth. 

Genoa: Planted into good moisture. Good but spotty fall emergence, not much growth.  Mid-April moisture at 3″, a ways from jointing. 

Julesburg: Planted into moisture.  Excellent stands and fall growth.  Mid-April showing drought stress and top 6″ of soil are dry.  No freeze damage.  Brown wheat mites present in very low levels.  Not jointed. 

Lamar: Planted into heavy wheat stubble into moisture. Good fall emergence, some thin spots due to soil compaction. Good fall growth.  Just jointed in mid-April. No moisture in top 4″ of soil. Brown wheat mites present at low to med levels.  Cooperator is spraying to control them. 

Orchard: Planted 1.5” deep, moisture down to 5”, dry hard ground.  Trial lost due to drought and blowing wind. 

Roggen: Planted 2” deep, moisture down to 2.5 or 3”. Hard ground. Shovels down mostly in moisture. First filler pass by breeder, shovels up.  Good fall emergence and growth but a few bare spots.  Cosmetic freeze damage.  Brown wheat mites present but low amounts.  No moisture in top 5″ of soil. 

Sheridan Lake: Planted into moisture and corn residue. Volunteer corn present at planting, not present in spring. Average stands with some thin spots and normal fall growth.  Mid-April just jointing. Dry in top 4″ of soil. 

Walsh:  Planted into very little moisture.  Trial lost due to drought and blowing wind. 

Wiggins Irr: Planted into corn stubble, good stands and some fall growth. Late-April showing some cosmetic damage to leaves from freeze. Not jointed. 

Yuma: Planted mostly into moisture at 2” depth.  Loose soil. Mid-April drought stress and some cosmetic freeze damage to leaves. Very dry in the top 5″ of soil.  Excellent fall stands and growth.  Growing point in mid-April still well-below soil surface. 

Trial Photos

winter wheat
winter wheat
winter wheat
wheat field
wheat field
wheat field
wheat field
wheat field
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