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Minor in Environmental and Resource Economics

(program code ENRQ)
This minor recognizes students who complete an integrated set of courses on how to apply economics to natural resources and environmental issues.  Students will find these concepts a valuable way to help understand how humans can use and conserve our natural resources. Areas of study in the minor include environmental economics, natural resource economics and applied courses in water, recreation, and energy.

Program of Study

21 credits; at least 12 credits must be 300 level or above; at least 12 credits must be AREC courses


  1. AREC 202: Agricultural and Resource Economics
  2. AREC/ECON 240: Issues in Environmental Economics

Optional: choose at least 5

  1. AREC/ECON 340: Introduction: Economics of Natural Resources
  2. AREC 341: Environmental Economics
  3. AREC 342: Water Law, Policy, and Institutions
  4. AREC/ECON 346: Economics of Outdoor Recreation
  5. AREC 440: Advanced Environmental and Resource Economics
  6. AREC 442: Water Resource Economics
  7. AREC/ECON 444: Economics of Energy Resources


Undergraduate Coordinators

Marshall Frasier
Agricultural and Resource Economics

Kellie Enns
Agricultural Education

Undergraduate Advisor

Aubriel Jones

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