Now more than ever, as agriculture diversifies to give consumers many food choices, and technology changes the way farmers and other agribusinesses work, innovation and entrepreneurship are key to continuing to develop our future.

Agriculture needs people and ideas, and we continue to count on CSU to help us. We are glad to len our support to any new program which would bring more young people to agriculture and rural areas.

Don Brown

Farmer – Yuma, Colorado, Former Colorado State Commissioner of Agriculture

I am a firm believer in entrepreneurship and I feel that the CSU College of Agriculture and it’s students would benefit greatly from the development of a new degree program in Agribusiness Innovation and Entrepreneurship. These students will be better prepared to start businesses, join budding new businesses, or to join large agribusiness concerns. This program would provide them with the tools to succeed in the fast changing agribusiness world.

I had the opportunity to travel to the University of Tampa with Dr. Perry where we visited their Innovation Center. Their program combined an entrepreneurship Masters degree program with a business incubator. This combination allowed students to interact with people who were actually building new businesses. This symbiosis is very powerful and the level of enthusiasm we encountered from students, entrepreneurs, faculty and outside advisors was something to behold.

I strongly support the creation of this new program at CSU.

Stuart Ross

CSU College of Agriculture ’85, CSU College of Business ‘89

I just graduated with my MA in International Development with a concentration in Global Health and Food System Sustainability. I would have applied for this program in a heartbeat if it had existed…


Survey Respondent

I would be interested in partnering with students from this program to get our food business off the ground and give credit for experience in the field.


Local Food Company Owner

We are excited about and wish to express our support for Colorado State University’s Agribusiness Innovation and Entrepreneurship Master’s program. As a Colorado-based, drone-enabled agricultural intelligence company, we seek employees who have a combination of traditional agronomic and agricultural knowledge and experience, combined with business acumen and an understanding of innovative technologies.


VP of Sales, Colorado Agtech Startup