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Agricultural Business Majors

Flint Corliss

Blake Jackson

Hunter Bostrom

Wyatt Mount

Jordan Campbell

Kelli Carlson

Batuhan Demir

Stephanie Dill

Emma Faust

Conor Ford

Nolan Grenard

Elizabeth Grimes

Collin Harris

Katherine Lee

Alex Loeffelholz

Paul Sheridan

Hayrullah Pelit

Alex Proctor

Terrell Strauss

Seth Thompson

Austin Trinidad

Landon Verbeek

Brad Johnson

Tanner Connelly

“After five years, I’m happy to close this chapter of my life and move on to greater things within the Agriculture Industry. Thank you to my parents for being there through all five years and being a rock for me. I also want to thank two impactful professors I had during my time here, Matt Camper and Marshall Frasier. I learned how to apply your classes to real-world applications. Thank you both for always lending an ear when your doors were open. If there is one thing, I got from the department, when life gives you lemons, start a lemon orchard and make that lemonade for years to come.”

David Ruybal

Kristen Denale

Jay Elliot

Colton Kerbs

Adam Perlman

Ben Sanchez

Will Scharf

JP Trott

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